Why Choose CBD Gummies


There are hundreds of CBD brands and products to choose from. Which CBD product is right for you? Are you looking for a fast easy way to take CBD? Do you want THC or not? Have you tried other edibles and can’t stand the oily aftertaste? With hundreds of edible CBD products on the market, let’s talk about why you should choose RVDCBD Gummies. 

CBD Benefits

First, let’s jump into the clinically proven ways CBD can help. Studies have shown cannabis compounds found in CBD reduce inflammation. Other results have proven CBD to redirect cortisol thus improving sleep. CBD also acts as an antioxidant, which means it protects your cells against unstable molecules being made during normal cell processes like metabolism. We all know cannabis interacts with your mood hormones, that’s why marijuana makes you high. But did you know CBD also interacts with those hormones, without the high? 


For more info on how it works click here. In lab tests, CBD has shown to act as an analgesic too. However, some people have struggled to get the pain relief they seek. If you or somebody you know is looking for CBD pain relief, read RVD’s tips on how to take CBD. How you take it makes all the difference.

Daily Dose of CBD Gummies

Habits make or break you. Incorporating CBD into your daily routine will help balance how much CBD is in your system much like anxiety and depression meds. Just like mental health meds, they aren’t as effective until they build up in your system. CBD Gummies are an easy choice to add to your daily routine.  


Pop one at lunch for a healthy bitesize dessert or add it to your breakfast routine and kick the day off with better focus. If you struggle to sleep, take it at bedtime. Even after you’ve established a daily routine, the daily delivery time may give an added boost.

Things RVDCBD Gummies Don’t Have

RVDCBD gummies don’t have THC, not even a hint or trace of it. No amount or trace of THC will build up in your system as you take them daily. Our gummies will not get you high. If you are looking for products with THC for pain or PTSD relief, add a CBD Tea to your routine, or check out our THC products here (most of which are completely organic). 


And just because they’re labeled as smokable, doesn’t mean you have to smoke them. Grind them up as tea, bake with them, or add them to coffee. The possibilities are endless. For more on how to use smokeable products without smoking, click here.

CBD Gummies Reaction Time

If this is your first time trying CBD, you should know some CBD is lost with digestion. Any CBD taken orally and swallowed has roughly a 10-20% absorption rate. Digesting CBD also influences how long it takes to start acting. Depending on your body’s digestion timing, it falls in the range of 30-120 minutes before it will kick in. Just think of how long it takes for a pain pill to work for you. It will most likely be in a similar time frame. For more info on our gummies click here. Check out our customer reviews, like, share, and leave a comment. 

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