What Are The Different Strains Of Weed?

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The Different Strains Of Weed


There are two main categories that all different strains of weed fall into Indica & Sativa. Each cannabis plant is either from the Indica family, Sativa family, or a hybrid. Each strain has different benefits. So, many growers will identify different benefits and breed plants together in order to increase those benefits. Since different plants create different experiences, it is important to know how each strain works. And so this is the only way you will know if a certain bud will meet your needs.

What’s The Difference Between Indica, Sativa & Hybrids?


Sativa and Indica have been thought of as having different advantages for many decades. They are used for different effects but recent research suggests that these strains actually have more in common. Regardless, we can still look at the effects that are specific to each strain.


Sativa is known as the ‘head-high’. And so these strains are good for giving a boost to creativity, focus, or energy. They are thought to be invigorating and can help with mental illness. Sativa is also known to increase anxiety for some.


Indica on the other hand is known for giving a ‘body high’. So, these strains are good for pain management & deep relaxation. Because they have relaxing benefits, they are used to combat insomnia and promote better sleep. Indica is not known for creating anxiety since it affects the body and not the mind. 


Hybrid effects vary depending on what you get. A hybrid strain is when a grower puts two different strains together to create a new plant. These strains can have more Sativa or Indica. They can also be equally balanced between the different strains. The specific plants that make up the hybrid are known as the parent plant. So, to best understand how a hybrid will impact you, you need to know about the parent plants. If a hybrid is made of a Sativa strain that is known for creating euphoria and the other parent plant is an Indica that produces a powerful relaxing effect—you will probably feel euphoria and deep relaxation. Therefore, if the hybrid has more Sativa you will feel the Sativa impacts more than the Indica and visa versa.

StrainEffectsUsesRVDCBD Products
SativaHead-HighIncrease Creativity, Focus, and EnergyWhite (Sativa Hybrid)
Ekto Kooler (Sativa Hybrid)
IndicaBody-HighPain Management, Deep Relaxation, and Better SleepSpectrum (Indica Hybrid)
Remedy (Indica Hybrid)
Purple Sunset (Indica Hybrid)
Cherry Pie Concentrate (Indica Hybrid)
HybridDepends On The Parent PlantsDepends On The Profile.Sour Space Candy (Equal Blend)

How Do You Pick From The Different Strains Of Weed?


The best way to pick the right strain is to look at the effects of the bud you are buying. Each type of bud is made up of individual cannabinoid and terpene content. And so, this combo is what determines how that particular strain will impact you. Home for the night and need a boost in creativity? You want to choose a Sativa strain. Or, maybe you are struggling with pain or can’t relax enough to fall asleep? You’d get an Indica strain. One thing to keep in mind, cannabis impacts each person differently since our bodies are all different.

So, when you are picking a certain strain of weed, try a little and document the effects. As you keep a ‘weed journal’ you can figure out what works the best for your particular needs and wants. Each strain is created by the cannabinoid and terpene profiles they contain. So, if you want to understand how the weed will affect you, you need to understand the combination of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

What Are These Compounds And How Do They Affect Different Strains Of Weed?

Weed profiles contain cannabinoids and terpenes.


There are two major cannabinoids: CBD & THC. Each cannabinoid has different benefits. The full extent of these cannabinoids is not yet known. THC is the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. THC gives you the ‘high’. And so, we are seeing many growers increasing THC potency recently in their weed. However, it is not clear what the impact is of increasing one compound and not the other.

CBD is a compound that does not create a high and therefore does not impair the user. CBD has been shown to be useful for anxiety, and pain, reduction of migraines, preventing of seizures, and decreasing nausea. THC and CBD have very different effects. When you are choosing the right strain for your needs be sure to look at their different profiles.

Terpenes, in short, create the taste and smell of each breed. New research suggests that terpenes also create more than just smell and taste and can be just as impactful as cannabinoids. For a more in-depth explanation of terpenes go to our blog here.

What Are The Different Strains Of Weed: Conclusion

Indica and Sativa are the two different strains of cannabis and or hemp. Growers combine these to create hybrid plants and the hybrids create more options. Sativa gives a head-high and Indica gives a body high. When you are choosing a strain, you should look at the compound profiles to determine which would best fulfill your needs. Here at RVDCBD, we have 5 different hybrid strains. And, because each strain has different parent plants, we have strains that fill any of your needs. Get Purple Sunset if you want an Indica Hybrid. Get our White strain if you want a Sativa hybrid. But no matter what, buying RVDCBD is your best bet. Regardless of the strain you pick, cannabis can have profoundly positive effects but you should always consult your doctor before beginning a cannabis regimen.


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