The Wellness Tag Team—RVD & Shawn Stasiak


RVDCBD’s New Partner—Dr. Shawn Stipich, aka Shawn Stasiak

Meet RVDCBD’s newest partner, Dr. Shawn Stipich aka Shawn Stasiak. The former professional wrestler, lifelong health and wellness enthusiast, inspirational speaker, wellness life-coach, entertainer, and doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Shawn is joining the RVDCBD team to lend his holistic wellness and exercise expertise, and to build a more well-rounded regimen.  

Dr. Shawn is a man who will not preach what he doesn’t live. Thus, Stasiak has tried and tested what he teaches, and like RVD, he won’t tell you to do anything he hasn’t or wouldn’t. He embodies holistic health through clean healthy eating, chiropractic care, and intense weight and cardio training. But that’s not all, He continues to promote and appear as Dr. Shawn’s “alter ego,” Fobia. As Fobia, he encourages and inspires others to face and overcome fears and challenges life brings. All in all, this is one well-rounded guy, and the RVDCBD team is thrilled to have him aboard.

2nd Generation Wrestler—Shawn Stasiak

As a young man, Stasiak grew up around wrestling and professional wrestlers. Growing up around these larger-than-life athletes, planted the seeds for health and wellness. He absolutely wanted to emulate them. As a teenager, watching his icon’s on television also inspired him to grab the weights. Thus, he adopted a fitness orientated lifestyle, from being involved in sports like wrestling but also working out and incorporating healthy nutrition and supplements. And yes, being the son of legendary Stan Stasiak—the 5th wrestler to become the WWE Champion—Stasiak always felt he had a legacy to uphold. 

However, as a young man both his parents passed away. When he was 14 years old, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it went into remission for a year. Then later her cancer returned and spread throughout her body. She passed at age 39. Then while still young, his father died at age 60 from heart failure. He has known his share of disappointments, heartaches, grievances, and letdowns. But that has never stopped him. It is what drives him to be better. So much so, he created an alter-ego that opened the door for him into professional wrestling. 


While getting his bachelors at Boise State University, Shawn had a terrible run-in with a nest of spiders under his dorm bed. After being bit multiple times, he developed a terrible fear. But unlike many, he faced his phobia head-on. Thus, on his favorite holiday, Halloween, he painted a spider design on his face to represent his fear, and his alter-ego came to life. In time, Fobia came to represent so much more. To learn more about Fobia, click here. He also taught kids how to trick-or-treat safely on the local TV news. 


Ironically, the footage of Fobia opened the door for his initial tryout with the WWE. And while it would have been his dream come true to step into the squared circle as Fobia, the dream was never realized. But as time passed, it became clear Fobia had a deeper calling meant to make a widespread impact on the world.

Today, RVD’s Partner, Yesteryear Stasiak the Professional Wrestler

Before Shawn began his professional wrestling career, in the 90s he was a 3-time Ontario provincial champion in high school as well as placed second and third in the Canadian National Espoir Championships. He also became one of the best wrestlers in the country as an NCAA Division 1 competitor. So, professional wrestling was naturally the next step, especially considering his legacy. After submitting a video of his amateur wrestling footage and some Fobia content, he was offered a tryout and soon signed a contract to train with the WWE in 1998.

Wrestling in the Pros

Before he signed the contract in 1998, in 1996 Shawn actually began his professional wrestling career in Vancouver, Washington, as part of the Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling independent promotion and wrestled for a summer season on a local television station. After which, he trained under Dory Funk Jr. and Tom Prichard—that’s when he signed with WWF/E in 1998. Following many months of grueling training with the “Funking Dojo” camps, he was sent down to Memphis, TN. There he refined his craft as he performed on a local wrestling television promotion—Power Pro Wrestling. Finally, after working for months with legendary Jerry “The King” Lawler, Stasiak was called up to the big leagues in WWF/E—officially making his televised debut on April 13th, 1999—ironically the same day as his father’s birthday. 

  • Ring Names: Meat & Shawn Stasiak
  • Billed Height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)
  • Billed Weight: 250 lbs (113kg)
  • Trained By: Dory Funk Jr., Tom Prichard, WCW Power Plant, Paul Orndorff

However, his wrestling career shifted from the WWF/E when he signed with WCW on April 10, 2000. During that year Stasiak won an impressive three WCW World Tag Team Championships. But once the WCW was bought out by the WWF/E, Shawn was back to work for the WWF/E. However, this was where he crossed paths with RVD, and they grew to become lifelong friends.

Seeds that Sprouted into a Partner

In Dr. Shawn’s words, “there are no such things as coincidences, aka God-incidences or spiritual synchronicities.” Simply, they hit it off like brothers. Thus, they traveled together from town to town, city to city, and all around the country and overseas to split costs and keep good company. Rob and Shawn to this day joke about the random fan question, “who pays for your flights?” 


As they traveled and worked with the WWF/E, Stasiak won the Hardcore Championship several times, but due to politics within the company, Stasiak never felt like he truly was given a fair opportunity to reach his full potential. So, he requested an early release on September 27, 2002.

Shawn Stasiak the Chiropractor & RVDCBD Partner

Shawn felt he had more to give to the world, so he moved to Dallas, TX. There he began studies at Parker University—the top chiropractic school in the country at the time. He graduated after a grueling 4 years with a diploma in hand. Ever since, he has been assisting others to reduce pain, to live with whole-body wellness, and to inspire them to live a more healthy and vibrant life. For more info on where his practice and the services he offers, click here



  • Boise State University, 1997 (Located in Boise, Id)
    • Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
  • Parker University, 2006 (located in Dallas, TX)
    • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Academy of Physical and Manual Medicine, 2007 (located in New York, NY)
    • Certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
  • Cooper Institute, 2007 (located in Dallas, TX)
    • Certified Personal Trainer

His entire life, coming from a wrestling family has made him very attuned to his profession. So as a doctor, Dr. Shawn focuses on holistic health, and as such incorporates nutrition and fitness for all his patients. He is not a slap-a-band-aid on it kind of doctor. Thus, he knows all our systems are connected and work together. That is why Dr. Shawn is a perfect fit for a partner with RVDCBD. When your body is in a state of balance called homeostasis, CBD can do wonders, and he has experienced that for himself. For more info on how to get the most benefit from CBD, click here. And take it from Dr. Shawn, “Living your best life is a healthy well-balanced life.” 

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