The Senate CAOA 2022: Is Weed Legal Now?

Will the Senate CAOA 2022 make weed legal?

On July 21st, 2022 three senators introduced the bill known as the Senate CAOA 2022 (Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act), and the question inevitably must be “Is Weed Legal Now?”.

CAOA is short for Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. Marijuana laws have been changing throughout the country since 1996. There has been a consistent push for legalization at the state levels but it remains classified as illegal federally. The Biden administration made campaign promises to decriminalize cannabis. The House of Representatives has already passed a bill legalizing marijuana.

So, is weed federally legal now?

No. Well, at least not yet. Don’t worry, we are going to try to clear up the muddy water. By the end of this blog, you will be able to walk away understanding how this bill will impact legalization in the future.

Senate CAOA 2022

What is in the Senate CAOA 2022?

A lot. But also not as much as many advocates were hoping for. Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden, and Cory Booker first introduced a discussion draft of this bill more than a year ago. What is in the bill?

  1. Decriminalize weed federally and allow states to make their own marijuana laws 
  2. Remove federal cannabis-related criminal records 
  3. Create grants for small business owners coming into the weed industry that are from communities that have been impacted the most by past drug laws 
  4. Law enforcement agencies would receive funding to combat illegal cannabis cultivation 
  5. The Department of Transportation would create laws for driving while under the influence of weed (Marijuana Moment)

While this bill contains a lot of pieces, for advocates that have been fighting since the ‘90s, it doesn’t go far enough. The three sponsors do feel it is a compromise. But even with the best compromises, they are only good if they are actually accepted. 

Will the Senate CAOA 2022 Pass?

Probably not. Politico (a magazine focused on politics) puts the chances at slim. But the bill isn’t useless. Instead, this bill will impact and shape the cannabis policies discussed in the future. In fact, parts of the bill will probably be in some other bills that have a higher likelihood of passing by the end of the year.


Surprisingly, some Republicans and Democrats are already considering some other laws that are smaller. These bills will have parts of the CAOA and other weed bills that have been introduced. This will make it easier for cannabis businesses to have access to financial services.

 What is holding back weed legalization?


The Senate is evenly divided at this point. That means that in order for this bill, or any other bill, to pass, every Democrat and 10 Republicans would need to vote in favor. Advocates are hoping that by framing this as a ‘states’ rights’ issue Republicans will be more likely to vote for federal decriminalization. After the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade, we can see that Republicans feel very passionate about a state’s ability to create individualized laws instead of having federal laws.

As of now, each state decides the legal status of abortion. Advocates are hoping that this type of thinking can be extended to weed. However, until votes are cast, we won’t know if this is a winning argument.

So where does the Senate CAOA 2022 leave us?

Well, it leaves us, legally, exactly where we were last month. National polls show that almost 2/3rds of American believe that marijuana should be legalized. These numbers skew even higher for young voters. Right now, 19 states allow anyone that is 21yrs old to possess and use weed. 37 states have medical marijuana programs. Thankfully, CBD is legal in every state. Until the Senate passes a bill decriminalizing weed federally, advocates will need to keep pushing in order to legalize weed.


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