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Black background with COVID Pathogen covered with a Hemp Leaf

BREAKING NEWS: CBD Blocks COVID According to the American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy (ACS), CBD blocks Covid. “Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants.” What does that mean? CBD acids from hemp bind to the spike protein of COVID-19 and prevent infection through your epithelial cells (cells that line […]

5 Better Health & Wellness CBD Benefits

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Do you have chronic pain, trouble sleeping, or unwanted weight gain? Do you need a boost to your anxiety and depression meds? CBD Benefits might just be what you’re looking for. First and foremost, we always recommend you speak to your doctor before adding CBD to your health and wellness regimen; but it’s worth talking […]

RVD’s Nutrition Tip #1– CBD Smoothie

short glass cup filled with a smoothie set on a wooden cutting board with there slices of banana in coins and a wooden spoon with dried oats spilling onto a blue placemat with banners and another smoothie in the background

CBD Promotes Weight Loss If you haven’t tried CBD in your smoothie, give it a try. According to healthline.com, “[CBD] may boost metabolism and reduce food intake…, may promote ‘browning’ of fat cells…,[and] marijuana use is associated with lower body weight.” While results for metabolism reduction were performed on animals, (and more human trials are […]

RVDCBD Featured Vendor: Pacific Health Foods

Nathan Noll, a Man with black hair, is standing in front of a food counter with blackboards hanging behind filled with names of offered smoothies and other health foods.

In addition to being available online, RVDCBD products can be found in health and wellness stores and dispensaries throughout the United States. This month’s featured RVDCBD vendor comes from the greater Santa Barbra area. Pacific Health Foods is third-generation, family-owned and operated business located in Carpenteria, California. We love Pacific Health Foods because it offers […]

RVD Talks On How CBD Reduces Pain & Stress

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The FULL Episode Key Moments Wrapper, BReal, RVD, & Katie Forbes Smoke a Joint & Talk CBD In an epic episode of BReal TV the original stoners, Dr. Green Thumb (aka wrapper BREAL) and Mr 420 himself (Rob Van Dam) light a joint with Katie Forbes as they talk the ins and outs of marijuana, […]

5 Reasons CBD Oil Tincture is the Perfect Gift

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RVD CBD Oil Tincture Use Promotes Less Stress Are you an RVD fan or possibly shopping for one? Have you heard of CBD before and want to find out a little more? Buckle in, here’s 5 Great Reasons to add RVDCBD Oil Tinctures to your gift list this holiday season. Don’t let the stress of figuring out […]