RVD’s Tips On How To Take CBD

Which CBD product is right for you? Knowing what CBD to take is really the second step. Here at RVDCBD we want to ensure you have success straight out of the gate, so let’s talk. First and foremost, frequency is key. Second, choosing which product depends on how fast you need results, which is determined by the fancy term, bioavailability. Lastly, if you are still having trouble or you’ve had success, RVDCBD wants to hear from you. Subscribe and let us know how CBD has helped you, or get some help trouble shooting.

Rob Van Dam said it, Daily CBD Matters

There are multiple ways to incorporate cannabis into your routine and body, but how you take your RVDCBD is all about your preference. Across the board, however, it is key to make it a routine. Like prescription anxiety meds and vitamins, you don’t reap the full benefits with a one-time dose or sporadic doses. In the episode of the Smokebox, Rob Van Dam, (RVD) talks about how CBD works with your body, and how important frequency is.

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“You’ve got to take CBD every day.”

~ Rob Van Dam

It’s essential to make it a part of your routine, so you don’t forget. Also, by taking it daily you will feel the difference and be better able to determine through titrating (continuously measuring and adjusting how much you take) to find your optimal dose. Need help tracking your dose, click here for a free printable chart.

How Fast Does CBD work? 

In previous articles, RVDCBD has discussed common reasons why you ought to take cannabis, but let’s talk about how. You probably have heard the word bioavailability before, but what is it? Simply put, it’s how CBD enters your body, and how long it takes before you feel its effects. To ensure success, it’s important to evaluate your lifestyle, and what would work best for you before you begin. Are you opposed to smoking? Must you avoid THC? How fast do you need to feel it? The good news is, there are several ways to incorporate RVDCBD effectively. 

For starters the benefits of CBD flower, like our Sour Space Candy strain or Remedy strain are that it has the “whole f-ing show” of cannabinoids; but we know not everyone can have THC, so RVDCBD has ZERO-THC CBD hemp oil tinctures, even a CBD Tincture 3000mg. If you have a sweet tooth, try our CBD Peach Rings, they’re a customer favorite.

RVDCBD Bioavailability Options

  • Sublingual: absorbed in the vessels under the tongue
  • Digestion: anything swallowed (liquid or solid)
  • Transdermal: applied to the skin
  • Inhaled: gas breathed in (usually smoke)
Method of IngestionProductsCBD Absorption AmountAvg. Time Effects Felt
SublingualTinctures13-19%5 – 20 minutes
DigestionGummies, Tinctures, and Flowers (only in Tea)10-20%30 – 120 minutes
Transdermal Topicals2-45%24 – 45 minutes 
InhaledSmokables 34 – 46%10 – 20 minutes
  • Tincture: requires less if consumed sublingually (under the tongue) as they enter your bloodstream immediately; however, if added to cold foods, some cannabis will be lost in metabolization, and thus you might need a little more. 
  • Gummies: require a little more because some cannabis is lost during digestion.
  • Flowers: smoked, they require much less time to feel the effects because it goes straight into your body from your lungs with no RVDCBD or THC lost; however, when CBD is digested in Tea the same absorption applies as with Gummies.
  • Topicals: are directly applied to the skin or source of pain; generally, the menthol and CBD act immediately, but all benefits require more time. 

For more ways to incorporate CBD into your routine, check out our smoothie or tea recipes.

How Has CBD helped you?

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