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Here at RVDCBD, we pride ourselves on providing the best CBD products backed by one of the world’s biggest cannabis users—Rob Van Dam. If you didn’t know, he is a 30-year advocate and user. In honor of that, we’d like to share Rob’s top pick of RVDCBD’s products—Raw RVD Rolling Papers. Whether you smoke for recreation or medical relief, you need these papers. Read this article to find out the advantages of RVD rolling papers, why they’re RVD’s favs, and how they will benefit you.

7 Reasons Rob LOVES RVDCBD’s Raw Rolling Papers

As you might recall, Rob is a big advocate of using natural ingredients whenever possible. With the use of hemp and natural CBD, RVDCBD’s rolling papers hit all the marks!

  1. Packaging, everything is made from renewable resources—100% biodegradable and recyclable! RVDCBD’s doing our part to help save the planet
  2. Uses top-quality full-spectrum CBD flowers grown ONLY in the US. Other competitors compromise quality and safety. Sourcing flowers outside the country isn’t worth saving a few bucks
  3. RVD rolling papers are king size, designed for a long, even smoke
  4. Ingredients—only natural hemp leaves, so they’re packed with cannabinoids
  5. Absolutely NO chemicals, dyes, or bleach are used in production
  6. High bioavailability—RVDCBD rolling papers are loaded with the whole F’n span of cannabinoids. This means you get higher than any other brand out there
  7. RVDCBD has pre-rolled cones with RVDTHC found in stores across the US

So if you’re looking for something that fits your herbal lifestyle perfectly but doesn’t compromise on quality or taste, look no further. RVDCBD’s rolling papers are one of the most trusted and highly praised products on the market.

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Smoking? Forget the Cigarette, Try Hemp Joints

People turn to substances for many reasons, recreation or medical needs1, etc. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your substance. CBD2 unlike alcohol3 and nicotine4 treats many illnesses and symptoms. But smoking has risks. So why smoke at all? Studies have shown smoking provides maximum bioavailability. This means more of the active ingredients reach your bloodstream faster. So, if you choose to smoke whether for recreation or for medical relief, you need to use these—RVDCBD’s rolling papers. They’re safe, clean, and potent.

If you want to kick an addiction, CBD can help. Studies have shown smoking a CBD joint can help kick the nicotine addiction5 faster. If you are smoking CBD and THC to find medical relief, don’t use any old rolling paper, cut out the toxins and boost your cannabinoid consumption with 100% organic papers. If you’re looking to get high, “Nobody gets higher than RVD,” so why not try his papers, which are his favorites because they are so potent?


Boost Your Joint With RVDCBD’s Raw Rolling Papers

RVDCBD rolling papers use the full-spectrum CBD flower that comes from organic hemp. That means they’re grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, but they also have all the cannabinoids. But if you’re like Rob, and you’ve been smoking for a long time, you need more cannabinoids than the average user to feel the effects. If this is the case, we’ve got your back.

First, try adding RVDCBD broad-spectrum tincture to your joint. Infuse your rolling paper with CBD tincture before rolling it. More cannabinoids means you get the “full-entourage” effect. Second, mix and match flowers, (try a little RVD White CBG with Sour Space Candy CBD). With this method, you can enjoy a variety of different strains with varying cannabinoid profiles. Third, sprinkle some concentrate or dip your doobie in a dab before you light up. There’s no secret, concentrates are potent that’s why they’re called concentrates, so be careful. Snag RVDCBD bundles today and get mixin’. Choose from one of the following:


Final Thoughts On Raw Rolling Papers

If you’re going to smoke, you need RVD Rolling Papers, the all-natural, chemical-free, full-spectrum cannabinoid, king-sized, rolling paper. They’re safer, burn longer, cost less, and are the best for your body. Plus, if you subscribe today, you can save 20% on your entire order—grab a bundle, and your body and your checkbook will thank you!

“THE WHOLE FN SHOW! these are the greatest papers of all time I have smoked for over 10 years now i have used raw, snoop Dogg, wiz Khalifah, juicy j and many more these rov van dam 420 papers are the number 1 papers I have ever used they are king size they burn slow, they make smoking smoother, they don’t run. These are the BEST papers EVER! these papers are truly the whole FN show!”



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RVD Rolling Papers – Natural, Unbleached, Raw – King Size

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