RVD’s Philosophy on Life

Throughout RVD’s hectic career, peace of mind and general calm define his character. Even in interviews meant to rile him up, he has remained at ease. Despite that, Rob at his core is a highly intense and competitive athlete, driven, and a passionate businessman. From CBD to YinYang, to health and wellness, RVD’s philosophy on life is one we could all take a note or two from.

Who is Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is an WWE 2021 Hall of Fame Wrestler, a purveyor of Cannabis, a health and wellness expert, a successful entrepreneur, a comedian, and husband to Katie Forbes. His achievements didn’t come over night, though; he has climbed the ladder to success step by step with dedication and focus. As a teen, once he set his sights on professional wrestling, nothing got in his way until he stood in the ring. He quickly rose to the high-flying acrobat, kickboxing out-of-the-ordinary style, “Whole Fucking Show,” Mr. Monday Night, and Mr. 420 the world knows and loves him for today. But


“Some people take peace of mind and confuse it with a lack of passion.”


Clearly, this successful businessman does not lack passion, drive, or commitment to health and wellness.

Why Does RVD Sell CBD and THC

Pain is a part of the job when you’re a professional athlete. Unfortunately, to deal with the abuse wrestlers put their bodies through, opioids are generally prescribed. Early in his career, Rob Van Dam, like many other athletes, lived from pill to topical just so he could perform, but as a man concerned with health and wellness, he recognized the danger of opioids and wanted something long-term, nontoxic, and healing. RVD said in early 2018, “I’m tired of my friends killing themselves [with] depression [and overdosing on opioids]…I wanted to do something that would help all of us.” On the back of this desire, he built the RVDCBD brand.

Yin Yang and RVD

RVD-meditating-with yingyang-watermark-in-heart

What is YinYang? Yin and Yang are parts to one of many ancient Asian philosophies, yin and yang teach how opposite or contrary forces can be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.

RVD said, “Yin and Yang helps me to categorize…energies relating to [events. It] Helps me realize there is good and bad, [and you have to] deal with it, ya know.” RVD explained, [If] it’s something bad, it’s necessary; you gotta have that to bounce off of to have good. [I’m] not going to let it ruin my day. The yin yang keeps me peaceful and zenful because every little negative stone is thrown into your stream of positive energy [and] causes ripples, and they can get out of control. And basically, that’s what working towards inner peace is; it’s flattening out those ripples. Awareness is the key…bringing things to where they belong, categorizing them, instead of becoming emotionally involved in the situation results in peace.”

RVD on Health and Wellness

Discipline is key to RVD’s amazing Health and wellness. His entire life he has demonstrated discipline toward achieving health goals. During high school, when his wrestling coach told him to lose weight to fit into a smaller class so he could dominate, Rob refused. He said, “I weighed 165 lbs., and the coach told me to lose 30 pounds. I thought he was crazy. [he wanted me to lose weight but I] wanted to be 235 lbs., and I was still growing. I wanted to reach my full potential and not stunt my growth.”


“You’re only at your best when your mind, body and spirit are in balance. ☯️”


Family and Home

In an interview, RVD said of marriage, you need to find someone who will give you time and attention. When said, his parents set the bar pretty high. They were a wonderful example of what a successful marriage could be, and RVD wanted the same. After meeting Katie Forbes at a convention in Texas, he was impressed with her high energy and positivity. Love was in the air, and on November 11th, 2021, RVD and Katie Tied the Knot at 4:20PM (of course).


Katie and Rob reside in Vegas with their amazing dogs, Peatree and Barbie. In the warmth of Nevada, they enjoy the many amenities and community Vegas has to offer. If you take the Trolley Tour that stops by the Nerd Bar you will definitely get a chance to say hello and maybe even light up with MR. 420 himself.

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