RVDCBD Flower Review – Sour Space Candy

It’s been almost a year since debuting RVDCBD at CBD.io Trade Show and Convention, legendary wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam and his trusty associates have put their hearts and souls into building a one-of-a-kind CBD brand worthy of putting “The Whole F**king Show”(himself) on the bottle.

Their initial launch contained two hard-hitting products: the very powerful THC-FREE Tincture and the menthol-rich, Muscle and Pain Relief Cream Topical. Both boast 3000mg of CBD per bottle and “smash” in their own right (not to mention, overly deserving winning as many championships and titles as it’s namesake).

And whether you’ve never picked up RVDCBD or you’re an everyday buyer, here’s some excellent news… RVDCBD Sour Space Candy Smokable CBD Flower is here – and it’s available now (here).

It’s packaged in a durable tin can with a cool collector’s lid, adorned with R-V-D in the classic “thumbs” position. Beneath the Lid is a see-through Vaccuum-Seal (to preserve the quality) and you get your first peek at the actual flower.

The buds are dense with a green/yellow hue with orange hairs. It looks AND smells remarkably like conventional THC flower – NOT the strandy/ stringy CBD Flower that was around a couple seasons ago.

After pulling the tab, and partially opening the quality seal, I was hit with a strong earthy pine AND citrus-y orange aroma. RVDCBD Flower nugs themselves are firm and easily break apart to either grind up for a pipe or prepare for smoking.

After taking a few puffs, the flavonoids and terpenes were on point and hitting in harmony – the combined orange and pines flavors were exceptionally present. I felt my stress/ tension levels reduce and I feel a bit more relaxed and with a subtle body high (NEVER “high,” anxious or loss of control).

RVDCBD Flower can be mixed/ paired with most THC Strains – we’d recommend a citrus dominant strain (orange OR limonene-heavy) like Super Sour Orange or Tangerine Dream. Personally, I’m more inclined towards the purple-y strains and combined the Sour Space Candy with Acres’ Purple Punch – the pine merged perfectly with the lavender to provide an amazing taste and aroma. 

Final Feedback the RVDCBD Sour Space Candy is an exceptional flower that shows the true strength and quality of RVDCBD’s products, it’s one that must be tried by any CBD/cannabis aficionado. Get Your RVDCBD Sour Space Candy Flower Today! Click here to order.

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