RVDCBD Featured Vendor: Pacific Health Foods

In addition to being available online, RVDCBD products can be found in health and wellness stores and dispensaries throughout the United States. This month’s featured RVDCBD vendor comes from the greater Santa Barbra area. Pacific Health Foods is third-generation, family-owned and operated business located in Carpenteria, California. We love Pacific Health Foods because it offers a unique customer experience and mirrors Rob Van Dam’s focus on health and wellness and his dedication to fitness and nutrition. Like RVD, who is an avid supporter of health, fitness, and nutrition.

Chuck Noll and his wife Millie opened their first store in 1991 to bring better choices to the public. Although the first store was in a different location (off Wullbrant Way) the new location at 944 LINDEN AVENUE has only improved business and accessibility. 

One Stop Nutrition Spot

If you ‘re looking for a healthier start to 2022, look no further. Not only does Pacific Health Foods carry RVDCBD, but they are a high-end organic market packed with the freshest of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Owners and  management are enthusiastic about lending their vast knowledge helping customers tailor nutrition paths to meet their specific needs. So, don’t be afraid to take the plunge into better health.

Meet The Owners

Since they were in their thirties, Chuck and Millie owned and operated Pacific Health Foods with the help of their son David Noll, wife Linda and their many grandchildren. After 1995, their son, David took over and moved the store to its present location.

In 2015, newlyweds Nathan and Whitney Noll (the current owners) took over the store with the intent to follow in their family’s footsteps with the sole purpose (which always has been) to help the people of the community enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life.  As such, in 2008, a smoothie bar was added, and over the years several organic options have been added to the menu, including but not limited to, farm fresh juices, sandwiches, wraps, soups, acai bowls, and kombucha.

man with black hair standing beside a woman with blonde hair

Nathan and Whitney Noll, Owners

Their Shared Vision with RVDCBD’s Mission, to bring you the best

As many of you already know, health is key to RVD. Even in his youth, RVD had laser focus and left sport programs that encouraged nutritional practices that would have jeopardized his health. The Noll’s store focuses on the same, and as such, they offer only the best. 

“We are ready to meet the needs of all our customers, equipped with the knowledge to make plenty of helpful suggestions. We carry vegan and paleo products, in addition to all-organic grocery solutions, and homeopathic remedies. Pacific Health Foods is your one-stop shop to a healthy, better life.”


With the last two years of pandemic uncertainty, one thing is for sure, we only get one body and we need to take care of it. Like a top performing race car, if we put premium fuel into our tank, we will perform much better. So feel great and look great this 2022 with the organic, better-health arsenal in your back pocket. Get your RVDCBD CBD, Vitamins, and minerals today and tackle 2022 like a better-health boss.


  • Mon-Sat: 8am-6:30pm
  • Sun: Closed
  • Juice Bar: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

“We are dedicated to helping you eat healthy and enjoy better, safer lifestyle choices.”

Interested in Becoming a Wholesaler?

If you are interested in selling RVD’s premium quality products contact us at:

5328 Alhama Dr.
Woodland Hills , CA 91364

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