RVDCBD Featured Vendor: A Healthy Solution

This month’s featured RVDCBD Vendor comes to you from Southern California. A Healthy Solution is a Wellness Boutique based in Placentia, CA near Yorba Linda. Lorraine Sandoval, the original owner, has been operating this health and wellness boutique for nearly 8 years, and selling RVDCBD products as well. The reason behind Healthy Solutions testifies of Sandoval’s experience with CBD, and why it is Healthy Solution’s mission to educate first and create better health in a balanced state or “homeostasis.”

A Healthy Solution “offers high quality holistic alternatives for the wellbeing of their clients.” With consultations, they are able to customize health pathways for each individual. We are proud to share with you, Lorraine Sandoval ad her insight (and shared sentiments with RVD) on cannabis and total health and wellness.


Located at:

1209 E. Imperial Highway Placentia, CA 92870

How Healthy Solution Started

Lorraine said, “I was addicted to opioids.” When her doctor suggested using CBD to detox instead of putting her in rehab, Lorraine flat out rejected the idea. She said, “I don’t use cannabis, so that’s not going to work.” Her doctor explained, CBD has “a different formula” than the intoxicating compound cannabis is stereotyped for. Bottom line, Lorraine tried CBD, she detoxed off opioids within 30 days, and realized it was helping her other conditions as well. 

“I [also] had a heart condition, [small vessel micro vascular] … after my heart attack I only had 20% blood flow. The doctor said my blood flow would never improve;” it would only decrease over time. However,” after being on CBD for a year and a half, …my blood flow was at 80%.”


“I am very particular about what brands I bring into my store because if they don’t work, I’m very honest with the manufacturers, and I’m like sorry It didn’t work.” 

Mirror of RVD’s Mission

Healthy Solutions is tearing down the bad rap of Cannabis. Even though there are many CBD companies, the majority of them are only out to make a profit, and their product quality is shotty. Like Rob Van Dam, Lorraine said, “We test every product, and our entire team uses them for about 2 weeks to a month before we bring it in the shop.”

The CBD companies that disregard the public’s safety and wellness have harmed the education process. Teaching the truth about cannabis and how it is NOT “only a high inducing” compound is an uphill battle. With the proper resources and time, CBD’s image will change. Hats off to Lorraine. Education is key! This wellness boutique will not only give you the tools, but they will also teach you how to use them. Take back control of your health. Through hands on required research, Healthy Solutions is reshaping health for many people.

“You’re only at your best when your mind, body and spirit are in balance,”

~Rob Van Dam

Homeostasis, Why CBD doesn’t Work Sometimes

To beat the stigma, Healthy Solutions has a full time nurse on staff who double checks clients’ medications and medical history before recommending any CBD products or regimens. Their protocol is to start with topicals and gummies before tinctures. “People don’t understand CBD takes time because pharmaceuticals have been driven to give instant relief…but it’s only masking the situation; The true problem is, we’re not healthy.” 

homeostasis-diagram-of body-and-canabinoid-system

“Sometimes patients cannabinoid systems are not in homeostasis, [a balanced state], and “9 times out of 10 people are on pharmaceuticals, they don’t eat well… and we have to educate them to limit the sugar and limit the complex carbs. [CBD] is a nutritional supplement and it’s something that’s going to help their body, but if their body isn’t in full homeostasis they think that CBD should work instantly and it’s not like that. CBD doesn’t work like that.”

  • A topical works within 2-4 hours like that and give you relief within 10 minutes
  • A Gummy gives relief with anxiety and stress within 10 minutes
  • A tincture takes normally 3-5 days to get into your body and to start working internally to heal from the inside out.

“People want instant gratification. Tinctures don’t work that way. It takes 5-7 days.”

Lorraine Sandoval

Lorraine also said, “Another problem is, so many CBD companies are selling low mg tinctures when most people have chronic conditions. These low milligram tinctures aren’t going to do a thing. You need a higher milligram tincture,” like RVDCBD 1500 and 3000 mg. 500 mg, 700 mg, and 1000 mg even sometimes don’t work for chronic problems. Not very many people make high dosed tinctures, like RVDCBD 3000 mg broad-spectrum CBD Oil tincture.

Understanding the Basics of CBD is Key to Success

Healthy Solutions start people slowly to get a clear baseline of how they react to CBD. They are not out to bandage cover up your symptoms. As a rule of thumb they have their clients use CBD tincture for five-seven days and stop for two to three. Ninety percent of their patients are blown away at the difference they feel being on and off CBD. 


“It’s a New Year and a great time to put the past behind and get a fresh start on the future!”

~Rob Van Dam

If you are in the Yorba Linda, CA area, and you are looking to make and keep changes, check out Healthy Solutions or their blog, and get your RVDCBD Tincture regimen started ASAP.

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