RVD Returns To Japan—CyberFight Wrestling


The worldwide Covid pandemic has forced everyone to be more creative. CyberFight rose to the challenge in 2021 and created the cyber wrestling platform. Now in its second year, CyberFight has morphed into CyberFight Festival. This year’s matches have brought the best from multiple promotions. Of course, our top pick is the one and only Rob Van Dam. On June 12th, 2022, Rob Van Dam returned to the squared circle in Japan for CyberFight. In Saitama, Japan, RVD tag-teamed with his former wrestling friend, Yoshinari Ogawa.

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What’s in this article?

What is CyberFight Festival aka CyberFest?

CyberFest is a professional wrestling event put on by CyberFight. 2022 CyberFest is the second-ever cyber wrestling event promoted by CyberFight, the first being June 6th, 2021. This year’s event featured 14 events including both men’s fights and women’s fights. The matches returned to the same venue—Saitama Super Arena with the same four promotions:

  • DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT)
  • Pro Wrestling Noah (Noah)—RVD’s Contracted Promotion
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW)
  • Ganbare☆Pro-Wrestling(GanPro)

Featured RVD CyberFight Match

  • Rob Van Dam, Yoshinari Ogawa & HAYATA vs Kaito Kiyomiya, Daisuke Harada & YO-HEY

CyberFest 2022 Press Conference

In wrestling fashion, the pre-fight press conference introduced those paired off to fight. However, with many of the wrestlers foreign, and no English subtitles, viewers were left to one side of the story. However, with RVD there’s no confusion. With some of Rob’s earliest professional wrestling being in Japan nearly 30 years ago, Rob is arguably the father of the current, extreme, high-flying wrestling style adopted by Japan. 

Thus, media and fans want to know if he’s still got what it takes. RVD responded with respect saying, “I am doing better than ever, and very happy to be back in Japan.” Then in response to what appeared to be criticism, though with no subtitles it’s hard to say, Rob remained respectful and again emphasized his capabilities. “I hope to show you all, [how] I have remained consistent with what made me unusual back in the day.”

Classic RVD Wrestling

RVD was one of the most seasoned wrestlers in Japan, and nothing slowed him down. Even with vocal skepticism that he could or would do well, he still brought the “Whole F-ing show.” In the end, his performance shut them up. “For RVD highlights click here and scroll to 4:26 on the reel. Even critics noted Rob’s classic top form. 

“I am at a disadvantage…not knowing the history behind [the storylines]. However, I recognize what a big special show [CyberFight] is and how excited everybody is. I feel great. You’ll think I’m still the 22-year-old I was when I started here.” 


Ewan—a wrestling reviewer from the Voices of Wrestling—said of Rob’s return, “Imagine going to a music festival of emo bands and then Iron Maiden show[s] up and start[s] playing their hits[. … R]ather than being out of place, [it] ends up being a feel-good moment for everyone. That’s what it’s like watching Rob Van Dam at CyberFight Festival.” Rob’s extreme style and acrobatic moves meshed well.

RVD’s Back in Japan

Many people wonder why Rob isn’t wrestling in the states—specifically why Japan and Ireland as of late? The answer is simple. Rob has never wrestled for one promotion at any given time. Because he’s in amazing shape and a legend, promotions will bring him on to help boost local wrestlers as a headliner. He’s giving back to the younger generation and lining his pockets like anyone human would do. It’s his job, and he’s one of the lucky ones who gets to do what he loves; plus, he’s damn good at it. He keeps his options open with affiliates in Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Dubai, and Japan. 

This is not new, though. In Rob’s early career fans thought he was a turncoat at times, jumping from one promotion to another, then back but he’s always negotiated for a nonexclusive contract. Rob has always been a savvy businessman and kept his focus on who he wanted to be, not who the industry wanted him to be. That’s why he didn’t play the gimmicks, RVD is Rob. However, that’s also how he lost his titles when he was arrested for having cannabis at the wrong time, and why he still wrestles around the world today. Rob is 100% authentic in all areas of his life—intense wrestler, cannabis advocate, and all-around easy-going guy.

RVD’s Fountain of Youth

While the media kept focusing on Rob’s age, asking if he is retiring, Rob came to do what he loves—wrestle. And since RVD, an ECW original, hits his moves like the five-star frog splash better than most wrestlers 30 years younger than him, Hell to the NO! Furthermore, Van Dam, HAYATA, and Yoshinari Ogawa defeated Daisuke Harada, Kaito Kiyomiya, and YO-HEY.

RVD wearing a green tank top holding tincture and topical

Clearly, the media is missing the point. Instead of asking when he will be retiring, perhaps they should be asking what is Rob’s secret to amazing health and wellness?


The simple answer is cannabis. Rob is in amazing shape because he keeps his body in homeostasis with clean eating, exercise, and cannabis. Rob is not just the toker you all know and love. He is a health and wellness guru and walking, “highflying” proof cannabis is no joke. 

With three decades of cannabis use and experience under his belt, there’s no wonder why he can move the way he does and recover quickly. Rob is living proof of the benefits. Don’t believe it, watch CyberFight 2022. Better yet, check out RVDCBD’s educational blog and read the research and try it. Find out what other people like you are experiencing and saying. CBD can help you, try some today, and join the RVD Nation (by subscribing below) and get special discounts, opportunities for Rob Swag, and tips on nutrition and workouts too.

RVD July Rematch Details

  • July 16th, 2022 @ the日本武道館, Nippon Budōkan Arena
    • Listed on the card as match 4 – Hardcore Tag Team Match between Rob Van Dam & Masato Tanaka vs. NOSAWA論外 & Super Crazy
    • Available to watch with Wrestle Universe.

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