RVD Bicep & Back Workout With CBD

When it comes to fitness, RVD knows what works and how to recover. Before you jump into your RVD workout, make sure you warm up with light cardio to avoid injury and don’t forget your CBD. If you’re going to tear and build muscle, your best friend post-workout for muscle recovery is RVDCBD 3000mg Muscle + Joint Relief Cream Topical.

According to preliminary studies published by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), CBD is beneficial for athletes. CBD reduces muscle pain, body aches, and inflammation, and there are many other benefits worth looking into: “CBD and the possibility it may protect against GI damage associated with inflammation and promote the healing of traumatic skeletal injuries.” If you haven’t added CBD to your post-workout routine, do it! If you’re not sure which product would work best (Tincture, Gummies, Topical, or Flower), read “RVD’s Tips On How To Take CBD.”

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Workouts break down muscle tissue and rebuild it, thus making you stronger. But, if you do too much without rest your muscles won’t have the time to rebuild and that can reduce your gains, so use CBD to help your body recover faster. Follow Rob Van Dam’s, “Blistering Back & Bicep” workout but be sure to prepare and recover properly as well. 

RVD Workout

Start with a light warm up doing your favorite cardio. Dynamic stretching should be a part pf your routine after your body is warm. When done properly, a warm-up will reduce the risk of injury, tension ,and tightness. Once you’ve got your heart pumping and your muscles warm, jump into RVD’s first Circuit of three lifts. For any of you who might not know what a circuit is, it’s simply three exercises back-to-back with little to no rest between each exercise. RVD uses the first run through all 3 exercises (one set each) as a way to loosen his muscles and get a feel for the exercise.

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5 Star Workout with RVD “Biceps & Back”

Circuit Training

Behind the Neck Pulldowns

  • Start off light and add weight to each set
  • Using the Lat machine pull it straight down behind your neck and tuck your head forward
  • Jump to the next machine with little to no down time between exercises

Floor Pull-ups

  • Lay on the ground under a fixed bench press bar
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor
  • Raise the bar closer or farther away from the ground
  • Pull your chest to the bar 
  • For added intensity increase the speed of reps

Standing Cable Rows

Use a Lat strap around the bar or grip to lessen the tension on your forearms and keep the stress on the desired muscle.

  • Spread your feet wide and stand up straight
  • Don’t overdo the weight, repetition is key, and too much weight can mess your back up
  • Pull your arms back to your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades and pull through your elbows


Rest 30 seconds to a minute before round 2, then jump into set #2. For the 2nd set add weight and repeat the exercises again with little to no break from start to finish. Again, rest when you’ve finished all 3 exercises in round 2, then jump into set #3. For the 3rd round, add more weight, and repeat the exercises again with no breaks. Keep in mind, your muscles will be fatigued at this point, so don’t overdo it or force poor form to complete your sets; this always ends in injury. Stop if your muscles feel like they’re going to explode.

RVD in the gym

“I give you exercises, but only you control the intensity!”

~ Rob Van Dam

How Can you increase the intensity?

  • Add more weight
  • Do more repetitions
  • Rest less in between machines and rounds

Bicep Circuit RVD Workout

Lying Cable Curls

  1. Lie on back and pull the bar toward you like a bicep curl
  2. Make sure you are breathing, and “Lots of spit helps,” RVD

Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls

  • Stand shoulder-width apart
  • Using free weights curl one arm up at a time
  • Alternate with the other

RVD Curls” (aka High Pulley Curls)

  1. Using two Lat machines (facing each other) grab one handle in each hand 
  2. With your hands above your head in the RVD thumb pointing position curl inward toward your head
  3. Keep your elbows in the same place

Rest & Repeat

RVD doing the RVD pull in the gym

“When I can’t complete a rep without cheating and blowing my form, that’s when you set it down.”


RVD Lower Back Circuit

“Edge’s” Reverse Leg Raise with a Yoga Ball 

  1. Lay on your stomach on a yoga ball and steady yourself on the floor with your hands spread out wide
  2. Lift your legs in the air as high as you can and lower slowly

Forearm Wrist Rotations

  1. Using free weights hold the dumbbell in front of you with your arm at a 90-degree angle
  2. With palms up and arms steady using core and back muscles twist back and forth 
  3. Repeat 30 times

Rest & Repeat

“It’s a New Year and a great time to put the past behind and get a fresh start on the future!”


If you’re ready for a new you, check back for more RVD workouts and make sure you have your CBD. Don’t do the same old thing and expect different results. Take your daily CBD and reduce your inflammation before and after workouts with RVDCBD Tincture, Topicals, or our Bundle. Your body will thank you. You only get one body; take care of it.

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