RVD At Saturday Night Nitro


It’s been 27 years since professional wrestling has been featured in the Mall of America. However, this week on September 10th, 2022, F1RST Wrestling will bring Nitro at Mall of America back. And of course, your favorite wrestler will be a featured star. You don’t want to miss this special event. If you don’t have tickets already, don’t worry. Even though the in-person tickets are sold out, this event is streaming, and watching it at home means you can watch it like RVD—flying high! (hint-hint) Get your RVDCBD Flower and experience the match like RVD. Read on, and get the deets: what Saturday Night Nitro is, who RVD is wrestling, where to watch it, and why this will be unlike any other wrestling event yet.

F1rst Wrestling Presents Saturday Night Nitro

Saturday Night Nitro, the annual professional wrestling event, is bringing Saturday Night Nitro (SNN) back home. After 27 years, F1rst wrestling is bringing SNN back to where it all began—the Mall of America. For Mall of America’s 30th birthday celebration, SNN is featuring an evening of high-flying action with Rob Van Dam. So make your way to the Huntington® Bank Rotunda, Southeast Court. Don’t have tickets, don’t worry. Log into the live streaming and watch the bone-crunching action on Sat, Sep 10, 2022, 4:30–9:30 pm.


Rob Van Dam Featured at Saturday Night Nitro

Who better to usher SNN back to its home location than Rob Van Dam? Not only will he be making a special wrestling appearance, but he’s also set to match up against one of All Elite Wrestling’s brightest prospects for the future—Dante Martin. This epic match should be the best of high-flying stunts. Why? Because rumor has it, Martin resembles Rob Van Dam. So, come watch and decide for yourself. Who is the best? Is it one of the oldest legends—still in top form—or the supposed best of the youngest?

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There are so many reasons you don’t want to miss this epic event. If RVD wrestling the kid said to be his RVD 2.0 isn’t enough, then surely Saturday Night Nitro returning to the Mall of America after 27 years would be. Also, with in-person tickets sold out, grab your own “Whole F-N Show” and watch the match like RVD—high! Either way, Rob Van Dam fans, now’s your chance to see Mr. Monday Night, the high-flying legend himself in wrestling action. DON’T MISS IT! Log on through PPV Fite TV and watch the fight!

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