Purple Sunset—A Complete Unwind

RVDCBD Purple Sunset Smokable CBD Flower – Get Yours Today!
RVDCBD Purple Sunset Smokable CBD Flower – Get Yours Today!

Purple Sunset

Time For Complete Unwind

This THC-dominant strain is a cross between Purple Punch, Mandarin Sunset, & Mandarin Cookies. With this powerful trio in its heritage, P. Sunset lives up to the evening calm its name suggests. Besides the satisfying bursts of purple scattered across the white dusted bud, Purple Sunset is packed with flavors ranging from sweet-citrus and spice to sour-orange and your typical earthiness. Purple Sunset is packed with 20-22% THC and < 2% CBD and with such can knock out mood swings, and anxiety, and even boost appetite.

THC lovers, this is one flower you don’t want to pass by. Not only is its flavor deliciously sweet, but the satisfying calm will also leave you with that famed sunset relaxation without the travel expense. 

RVDCBD Purple Sunset Smokable CBD Flower – Get Yours Today!

Active Terpenes 

  • beta-Caryophyllene
  • beta-Myrcene
  • Terpinolene

Sunset Experience

Strain:Indica-leaning hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. 
Look:Minty-green bud, wrapped in orange strands and dusted with lavender, a deep-plum color, and white frost
Smell:Sweet fruit dominates the flavor with subtle sour-citrus notes with a good portion of woody-spice
Taste:From start to finish, spice and wood followed by grape, citrus, and berries with a skunky aftertaste
Texture:Medium sized & very dense
Sensation:A definite head high or cerebral buzz with physical relaxation and body high. Mood and appetite boost as well
Unique Qualities:Head high with bursts of calm creativity, is NOT a sedative, is an appetite booster

The Whole F-ing RVD Guarantee

Many products on the market are fads or quick turn-around business schemes. RVDCBD is not one of those fads, here today and gone tomorrow. Rob Van Dam has been a CBD connoisseur for 30 years, and Rob never does anything the typical way. Being the 30-year CBD veteran he is, his standard is: If it doesn’t work for me, or doesn’t taste good, we’re not selling it. Every product you see available for purchase on RVDCBD.com is guaranteed to be the best by Rob himself.

During the production, Rob Van Dam personally tests them. When I say tests, he literally puts the test product on his body, smokes it, or ingests it in the case of tinctures and gummies. CBD is 100% organic, so he knows it’s safe, but he’s made it his mission to make sure the products are of the highest quality, and most effective. 


Now that might seem a little over the top, but that is RVD’s Signature style. Like with Rob’s wrestling career (aka Mr. 420) there are no secrets and no surprises. In Rob’s entire life, he has never hid his use of hemp and marijuana, even when it cost him champion titles. Thankfully, CBD is now widely accepted and legal, so you won’t suffer the same fate. 

Rob is a man of transparency, what you see is what you get. Remember, if he doesn’t put it in or on his body, he won’t put it in yours! For more information, check out our third-party tested results on all product pages, updated on our website annually. Rob cares about his health, his clients, and his fans; he only sells the best. What you see is what you get.

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