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RVDCBD CBD Smokables come in a variety of strains and are made with premium ingredients tested and tried by Mr. 420 himself. RVDCBD has something for everyone: White CBG, SpectrumPurple SunsetRemedy, and Sour Space Candy. In addition, to our flower, we offer CBD concentrates (ie., dab, shatter, wax) in two flavors. Customers can shop with confidence knowing every sale is backed by the RVD Guarantee.

Rolling paper with RVDCBD spectrum flower

CBD and THC Legal Information

Cannabidiol (CBD) is in all cannabis plants. In 2018, the US Government passed the 2018 Farm Bill; this legalized CBD products. But rules for sale and use vary from state to state. You can learn more here. Our smokable CBD Flowers contain the maximum legal amount of THC.

Rob Van Dam Guaranteed

Every product we sell has been tested by MR. 420, Rob Van Dam. He has used and advocated for its benefits his entire professional life. Thus, RVD gives his full backing for all RVDCBD products. To learn more about our return policy and what the RVD Guarantee means for your shopping experience, follow this link.