No RVD Fraud Here!

RVDCBD is Rob Van Dam Guaranteed, Tested, and Approved!

With so many CBD Companies flooding the market, how do you know which one to choose? Some people look to names of people they trust, a name that resonates with their lifestyle. However, not all faces are supporters of the brand. Recently Clint Eastwood sued several CBD companies for fabricating support from him. According to, “[One of] the [companies] is owned and operated by Justin Elenburg, a disabled Air Force veteran…[but] Patriot Supreme advertisements … implied the company has a different owner: Clint Eastwood.”  Rest assured, however, RVDCBD is 100% transparent, and there is no RVD fraud here.

Ask Mr. 420 Himself—RVD 

Are you looking for someone you can trust? Are there any brands with someone who stands by their product? Rob Van Dam, aka Mr. 420, has been a lifetime supporter of Cannabis. RVD has always been an unapologetic supporter. so much so his professional wrestling persona encapsulated it. Rob is not just the face behind the name. He stated on CNN Peacock’s WWE Idol episode 1, “Cannabis saved my life.”  

Rob was even forced to forfeit two Professional Championship Belts by the companies he wrestled for because he was found with cannabis in his possession in 2006 before CBD was legal.  Rob stands by what he believes in no exceptions. 

Due to the FDA approving CBD, the ECW welcomed Rob back into the ECW fold as a 2021 Hall of Famer. The ECW recognized him for his authenticity. But his millions of fans always loved, recognized, and supported him regardless. THANKS!

Rob changed the style of wrestling in the best way, and he did it by being true to himself. Rob’s wrestling, his life, his personality, and everything he is and will ever be speaks for itself and speaks to the world. “BE YOU, BE TRUE TO YOU, BE YOUR BEST and YOU WILL SUCCEED.”

RVDCBD Authentic and Transparent!

Rob Van Dam himself backs RVDCBD 100%. Rob tests and approves every product he puts his name on before it goes public. Some people look for sites with transparency in medical data (which honestly is the best source). Rob’s product has his support, transparency, and potency. RVD’s one-of-kind style, and historical influence in the sport also created his credibility in the CBD world. If a professional wrestler who is bashed and beaten in the squared ring for a living, who drops and hits the mat, tables, and competitor’s muscle packed frames, who’s sustained his body thrashing career for nearly 3 decades says this stuff works, I’d listen.  

For the REAL Deal, check out RVDCBD! Like Rob, invest in nothing but the best.

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