RVD Hemp—Concentrates Vs Flower


Rob Van Dam’s broad-spectrum CBD has all the benefits without the THC. But sometimes you need that boost from THC, especially with chronic pain. So, which is better, concentrates or flower? Both have THC. Cannabis flower is unrefined and completely organic, but you get the THC that naturally grows in the strain. Concentrates, however, have higher THC levels manipulated by manufacturing. For those looking for more pain relief or recreation, let’s dive into the ins and outs of the two. Find out the benefits of each, which concentrates and flowers RVDCBD carries, how to combine them, and why?

What is Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are a dense form of cannabinoids made by extracting all the compounds from raw plant material with a solvent. Once fully processed, they are turned into one of many different forms. such as shatters, oils, dabs, or wax. These concentrates can be used for medicinal and or recreational purposes.

  • Medicinal: Patients use concentrates to treat symptoms because they often provide more relief than flower alone. Why? Dabs, Wax, or Shatters are highly concentrated. Thus they’re quite potent, and patients need less to achieve their desired results. So, the benefit is less is more, but also, more consistent relief. And patients with chronic conditions need consistency.
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  • Recreational: In addition to medical benefits some people love using concentrates because they’re stronger than other forms of cannabis. Concentrates give users an intense high.

Mixing flower with concentrates is not complicated, but any unknown can make us pause. So, here are a few tips about concentrations to help you on your journey.

  • Shatters may be difficult to separate out, but they stick well to things, so they’re great for mixing with flower.
  • Distillates in syringes are as easy as you get because you can add them to anything, but needles have a bad reputation.
  • Wax and live resins are soft and pliable. So, these are the best for combining with ground cannabis flower because you can get an even distribution of both after mixing well.

If you’re looking for cool effects, try pairing your concentrate with music or movies. Some people have reported it makes them feel as if time stands still!

What is Flower?

Cannabis flowers are all-natural plants containing the “full entourage” of cannabinoids. Flowers require no processing. In nutritional terms, CBD flower is a paleo source, or a whole food with no refinement, and 100% organic. Cannabis flowers can be used as a medicinal supplement, a fiber source, a nutritional boost, and for recreation.

  • Medicinal: Patients use flower to treat symptoms because they often provide more relief than CBD alone. Why? CBD generally has either no THC or the FDA-regulated .3%. And studies have shown the combination of THC with CBD, which is called the “full entourage effect,” is more effective for chronic sufferers, much like a daily multi-vitamin in comparison to say one mineral like Vitamin B12.
  • Recreational: Some people love using cannabis to chill out or check out from the stressors of life. But it’s more than that.

Because cannabis flower contains THC users will experience heightened senses. So when you’re feeling high, any music feels more intense, things smell different, and colors are more vibrant.

Concentrates VS. Flower

Concentrates are cannabis extractions. This means the most desirable compounds are isolated and then doubled up. Generally, you consume smaller amounts of concentrates than flower because it is so potent. For example, the most potent cannabis flowers in the world contain around 25-30% THC, but concentrates can have as much as 80% THC.


So, it really boils down to what you want from your cannabis. If you’re looking for medical help RVDCBD recommends trying a combo. However, RVDCBD always recommends you speak to your healthcare provider first before beginning any cannabis, as it may interact with medications. Recently, our team combined Cherry Pie Concentrate with Purple Sunset Flower and smoked it. The team reported effects lasted longer, and they were not as steady on their feet. This particular combination did not produce a huge high in the body or head. However, they said, they felt incredible focus, and the next day they reported AMAZING sleep.

How Do You Combine Concentrates With Flower

Using concentrates by themselves can require additional equipment other than a pipe such as rigs, vape pens, and torch lighters. Combining flower with a concnetrate is easy, and all you need is the pipe. Remember, before you start, THC levels are much higher in concentrates, so the normal serving size of your concentrate will be much smaller. RVDCBD recommends caution, so you don’t consume too much THC.

A mild overdose is called “greening out” and is characterized by nausea, anxiety, lethargy, dizziness, and paranoia. But for long-time users, there are other risks such as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) and marijuana-induced psychosis (MIP). So, start with small amounts and titrate up until the desired effects are met. Again proceed with caution.

How to Mix Concentrates & Flower Using a Pipe

  1. Grind your raw flower in a grinder and set it aside.
  2. Sprinkle some budder (dab, wax, shatter) into the bowl of the pipe.
  3. Mix the concentrate in the bowl with the ground-up flower
  4. Light and inhale.

How to Combine Concentrates with Pre-rolls

  1. If using butter, smear the concentrate around the outside of the joint and smoke.
  2. If using a shatter, heat up first and dip a joint in the concentrate and then light and enjoy.
  3. If using oil, soak or dip the flower pre-rolled joint in the oil, light, and inhale.

Not only will combining concentrate with flower give you more cannabinoids, but it can also add different flavors to your experience. BUT remember caution is your friend. Be mindful of how much concentrate you add.


Cannabis has many options. Full-spectrum has all the benefits. If you have chronic pain, you may consider combining concentrates with flowers for increased potency and relief. If you’re looking for recreational fun, remember less is more, and be sure to check out RVDCBD’s Ekto Cooler and Cherry Pie Concentrates, or both in RVDCBD’s variety bundle.

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