“High Way To Hell,” RVD’s Collaborated Comic


While many of you know Rob Van Dam, as a professional wrestler, a marijuana advocate, a Hall of Famer, a comedian, and a businessman, you might not have known, he also helped write a comic. All weekend long, RVDCBD will be giving a bonus copy to all orders (while supplies last) no coupons needed. So get your RVDCBd and free copy of Mike Kingston and RVD’s collaborated comic, “High Way To Hell,” today.   


Find out how to get your copy after the limited supply is out, where to find more wrestling-based comics, and read about the exclusive look behind the series, the issue, the collaboration process, and the author behind “Headlocked.”

A Man Powered by Vision

The man behind the vision, Mike Kingston, is a huge wrestling fan. As a kid, he loved two things, comics, and wrestling. So naturally, he couldn’t get enough of the two. Unfortunately, there were no comics about wrestlers back then. The comic industry, while they did have heroes in tights, they refused to branch out with wrestlers. DC and Marvel weren’t interested in three-dimensional grown men in tights, only two-dimensional. So, what would any Superfan do? He created his own, of course. 

Mike Kingston carved out his own genre and published them independently. That’s tenacity! But what makes these comics even more unique, Mike collaborates with professional wrestlers for the story scripts, concept ideas, and some wrestlers do the art.  With no publisher backing at first, Kingston sold them out of his backpack at wrestling shows. With each little success, in the true American way, he worked his way into tabling and conventions–at wrestling shows of course. Today, other comic authors are following suit, and he is no longer the only wrestling table at ComiCon.

Headlocked Comics

Mike’s original series, Headlocked, is about a young man in college set up to major in theater, but he drops out to chase his dream and become a professional wrestler. With comics packed with drawings that mirror a cross between Norman Rockwell and DC styles, Kingston has created a masterpiece of American culture. On top of the art, the stories come from the hearts and souls of the wrestlers themselves with messages of courage, triumph, struggles, and caution. 


People always say, “Don’t meet your heroes and stuff but ninety-five percent of my interactions … have been a dream.”

~ Mike Kingston

In the interview, Kingston recounted a few of his most memorable projects and a long list of wrestlers he’s worked with, from of course Rob Van Dam, Nick Cage, Christian, Christopher Daniels, Dolph Ziggler, Dominik Dijakovic, Gangrel, Hurricane Helms, Joey Janela, Mustafa Ali, Samoa Joe, Taya Valkyrie, Young Bucks, and many more. But one of the projects dearest to his heart was that of the former wrestler, Shad. Kingston noted how his team got the last of the collaboration done with Shad, days before the wrestler died. 

High Way To Hell

Kingston and RVD’s ten-year friendship started at a convention. Rob found Mike selling comics out of his backpack. As a comic fan himself, Rob was super impressed, and the two have collaborated on multiple projects since. “High Way To Hell,” however, is the latest of their work together and boasts Kingston’s favorite cover design packed with layers of double meanings such as misinformation and a few sly puns. 


But what would a comic written by Mr 420 be about, and what is the twist? Get your RVDCBD today and your bonus copy of “High Way to Hell” and find out. Love comics and wrestling?

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