EXCLUSIVE: RVD & Katie Forbes Wedding Pics & Details

RVD & Katie Tie the Knot!

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in Las Vegas, Nevada, the famed wedding commenced. A union of strength, love, and positive energy was bound in the beautiful setting colors of the Vegas sun. Thursday, November 11th, at of course 4:20 PM, the Van Dam power couple (both extreme wrestlers) said I do. Rob Van Dam (Szatkowski) and Katie Forbes’ loves story didn’t start there, though.

  • RVD and Katie Forbes Wedding photos and wedding party

Where it All Began

In April of 2016, RVD headed down to Dallas, Texas to a wrestling convention. Oren Hawxhurst, better known as Luke Hawx (an American professional wrestler, actor, stuntman, and Katie’s professional wrestling promoter) introduced Katie to Rob, at Katie’s request. Secretly, Katie had been searching for RVD, the impressive icon. She’d seen some ECW footage of Rob previously doing his trademark Van Dam lift. Rob, noted the beloved backstory (one he’d heard his sweetheart share many times before). “She was with a friend and said, “Oh My God! Look at this guy.” Her heart melted as he hefted the dumbbell whilst stretched out in the splits. She knew instantly she had to meet him. Rob, in his classic nonchalant manner, was cruising through the convention in Texas unaware of the mark on his head.

As soon as Hawx introduced them, Rob was done for. He recounted in our interview (almost word for word) the same details he shared with his 2021 WWE documentary, Icons: Rob Van Dam. When this beautiful young woman, this new wrestler, came up to him, he was awestruck. Not just because of her beauty, but it was her positive energy that pulled him in and sealed the deal.

Katie Forbes in her wedding dress sitting next to RVD in his tuxedo
The Happy Newly Weds

11/11/20, Wedding Dates 11/11/21

Rob and Katie set a date, November 11th, 2020, but like so many people around the world, Covid interfered. The world was quarantined, even celebrities. And many of their fans might not now know family is the world to Katie. Katie’s family couldn’t make it in 2020. Covid forced them to postpone the special day. So, one year later Katie and Rob gathered with her family and a few close friends to make it official.

Esteemed Guests

With Covid still raging, Katie and Rob decided to move forward, but they kept their wedding to an intimate number. In fact, only RVD’s father joined in spirit, as his mother being in her young 80’s remained safe at home. Rob didn’t mind, though. He knows his family was there in thought and spirit. Rob did say, as a doting fiancé, “I wanted Katie to have the perfect day.” So, he made sure Katie’s entire family was there, and they all were. Both her parents and their spouses dressed to the hilt. Katie’s two sisters with their kids joined in the ceremony, and her beloved brother and one beloved brother-in law in spirit lost to Covid).

Other than family, a handful of dear friends showed their love. From Diamond Dallas Page, Scarlett and her plus one, Karrion Kross, Bukoo, Chris Bey, to Luke Hawx wrestlers and stars were in abundance. But it was Candice Michelle, (the former WWE wrestler and Playboy model) who married them. Along with rvdcbd partners and other close friends like Katie’s bestie, Melissa Deadrich, the ceremony went off without a hitch, except for Petri’s one complaint. Rob and Katie’s dogs, Peatree, and Barbie led the procession along with adorable nieces and nephews. However, just prior to vows shared at 4:20 PM, Peatree couldn’t contain herself. Rob didn’t feed her at the usual 4:00 PM, and she wasn’t going to let him forget it.


RVD and Katie Forbes Wedding photos and wedding party


The Perfect Setting & The Perfect Wedding Vows

On Platinum Hotel’s rooftop adorned in Orange (for Rob) and Pink (for Katie) and purple the perfect blender to the high-energy colors, the most vibrant and positive moment of the couple’s life commenced. With the spectacular view of all of Vegas near sunset, Rob poured his heart out to his lovely bride. Rob confessed, “opening up and being so vulnerable was emotional,” and it showed. He said, “Telling her family [face to face] that she was always going to be my number one priority, and [that he would] never let anything or anyone in between them,” was key to him.

He went on to share, how it was his late father who taught him to make a marriage last you have to make your partner your priority. He said, “My mom and dad were married over 50 years” and he wanted that too. He wasn’t the priority in his first marriage, and he wanted to make sure, Katie knew that she was his priority.

Rob and Katie Forbes



As the sun slipped into the shadows, and Heaven’s spotlights took the stage, the wedding celebrations began. Katie, the bell of the ball, had planned and prepared multiple choreographed dances. The highlight of the dances (other than dancing with Rob as a brand spanking new couple) was the Pulp Fiction groove she did with her father, who also prepared.

After the toasts and tears, laughs and memories were shared, after the gorgeous three tiered, tricolor (orange pink and purple) cake was cut and tasted, the festivities boarded a party bus and scooted down to the Nerd Bar, a favorite hangout of Rob and Katie’s. As you can imagine, it was a day they’ll remember for years to come, a day we all hope will foreshadow the good to come to our two favorite wrestlers. Congratulations, Rob, and Katie!

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