Choose CBD Potency and Products Right For You

There’s no question, the market is flooded with CBD companies and different products, choosing which CBD to take can feel impossible like standing at the base of Mount Everest looking up. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Tag team with RVD and use these tips to choose CBD potency and products right for you, the product, potency, and serving that will fit best with your daily routine.

RVDCBD offers three varieties of CBD, Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum.  Learn more about each and which will better fit your needs. We also offer multiple potencies for each product because CBD is not one-size-fits-all. Check out the product section for more information on the different potencies.

Potency Spectrum

ProductsIsolateBroad SpectrumFull Spectrum300 mg750 mg1500 mg3000 mg
+ Dabs
* One gram of raw hemp flower generally yields between 100-200 mg of CBD/ + aka Concentrates

For more information on the difference between Isolates, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum check out our blog article titled, “The Big 3 CBD’s” first. 

Which CBD Product Should I Try?

Before you jump in and click buy, let’s talk about what kind of relief you’re looking for. If you have an injury with localized pain, for example, a topical that can be applied straight to that area is what you need.


However, if you are looking for overall relaxation and relief, a tincture or gummy would better attack your distress. If you’re a Foody, and you want to add it to a beverage or dish our tincture or flower might work best.  If you want all the benefits Hemp has to offer, but don’t smoke, then check out these Flower Tea recipes and drink the full spectrum. 

Product Matrix

ProductAnti-inflammatoryStress/ Anxiety ReliefSleepFocusPainMood

Once you have decided on which product(s) will work best for your lifestyle, you need to select a potency that will work best for your lifestyle and unique body needs. Because CBD helps such a wide range of issues, the serving size will vary for the purpose, and to find your ideal serving size and potency depends on your body weight and all its unique programming like metabolism. 

Which Potency is Best for You?

We offer a variety of products and potencies so anyone looking for CBD relief has a chance for success. Whether you’re looking for better sleep, relief for muscle and joint inflammation or pain, reduced stress, improved focus, or wellness in general, RVDCBD has something for you. Most people who use CBD report higher potencies give better overall relief. However, CBD users who are sensitive to chemicals (and beginners), we recommend you start with a lower dose until you are certain you will tolerate it well.

RVD Wrestling

Worried the lower dose won’t touch your pain? As a long-time wrestler, RVD knows chronic pains need more CBD than your average off-the-shelf product; that’s why we are proud to offer not only ZERO THC products (Gummies, Topical, & Tinctures) in a wide range of potencies, but also broad-spectrum CBD in regular (750 mg), extra strength (1500 mg) and maximum strength (300mg).

For those with chronic pain, lower dosages aren’t going to touch it. Check with your doctor first, then grab the 1500 or 3000 mg tincture for relief, or if you have no issues with THC give flower or concentrates a shot. 

What Serving Size Do You Need?

While we can’t give specific serving recommendations for you, we can help you get started. Remember, this is a health supplement, and you must talk to your health care provider before using CBD. Why? Like with any substance, there are potential interactions with certain medications, such as those with grapefruit warnings. 


Even if this is your first time, or CBD is already a part of your health regimen, once you’ve spoken to your doctor, we recommend you begin with the smallest serving that provides noticeable effects for a few days and then titrate up (gradually increasing) the serving over a week until the desired effects are achieved. This is especially important with Tinctures, as they must build up in your system before you see results much like anxiety pharmaceuticals. 

While CBD is not associated with harmful side effects, if you experience any unpleasant reactions, please decrease your serving size and/or potency. 

RVDCBD Gummies

A-man-pulling-out-an RVDCBD-gummy

“My very first time ever using anything related to CBD or its counterparts. I was amazed how it helped my Fibromyalgia stay under control and helped my anxiety more than I thought. It is delicious too. They are nicely flavored gummies. I am going to order again. I definitely recommend this.”


RVDCBD Gummies are a combination of delicious candy and CBD Isolate containing absolutely ZERO THC. Hands down these little gems have been labeled by customers as the best-tasting edibles on the market with no oily aftertaste. If you are a newbie to CBD, these are a great easy way to add CBD to your daily diet. And even though some CBD is lost with digestion (10-20% absorption of CBD) and effects take 30-120 minutes to kick in, our customers keep coming back for more with nothing but praise. Check out reviews on our product page.

These delicious supplements come in three great flavors (Sour Bears, Neon Rings, and Peach Rings) two sizes (30 gummies per pack or 12 gummy packs) two potencies (300mg and 750 mg) and can be bought in a multi-pack of flavors or individually. 

RVDCBD Topicals


“I fell way too many times to admit skiing and had a massive bruise and muscle soreness everywhere. I used this topical, and not only did it take away the pain, but it healed faster than I usually do too. Freaking Amazing!”

Kim S.

RVDCBD Topicals come from a CBD Isolate and contain Zero THC. With our specially formulated menthol CBD combination, there is no oily or greasy residue, and as it’s backed by RVD himself, you can guarantee relief. Because the CBD is either massaged or applied directly to the pain and absorbed through the skin, the CBD effects will take 20-45 minutes, but the menthol will give you instant cooling relief.

RVDCBD Topicals come in three potencies: Regular Strength 750 mg, Extra-Strength 1500 mg, and Maximum Strength 3000mg. With all RVD’s body slams to the mat, he knows pain, and he knows how to recover quickly. Not only does this topical relieve pain, but the CBD reduces inflammation which speeds up your recovery, so you can back to your extreme exercise sooner. 

RVDCBD Tinctures


“People don’t realize, if you have chronic pain tinctures with lower milligrams aren’t going to touch it. That’s why we use RVDCBD 3000mg tincture at Healthy Solutions; it works.”

Lorraine Sandoval

RVDCBD Tinctures come from a Broad-Spectrum distillate and contain Zero THC. RVD’s tincture is not only organic with only two ingredients (CBD oil and MCT oil) but it also has all the amazing benefits Broad Spectrum has to offer. Generally, you take tincture drops under your tongue (sublingually), but they can also be added to food or drink. It all depends on what you prefer; however, keep in mind, any CBD digested will lose a portion of potency in the digestion process. 

CBD oil tincture bottles in the snow with zero the circled in green

RVDCBD Tinctures come in three potencies: Regular Strength 750 mg, Extra-Strength 1500 mg, and Maximum Strength 3000mg. RVD knows pain, and anything less than 1000 mg isn’t going to touch chronic pain. You’ve had RVD’s back throughout his wrestling career, and now he’s got yours!

To capture the full benefits of CBD tinctures it is key they are taken daily without skipped doses. Tinctures taken sublingually (under the tongue) normally provide rapid relief, often within 5-20 minutes with an average of 13-19% absorption. However, tinctures added to foods and beverages will only offer a 10-20% absorption and take 30-120 minutes to kick in (once built up over daily use).

RVDCBD Raw Flowers


“THE WHOLE FN SHOW! these are the greatest papers of all time! I have smoked for over 10 years now [, and] I have used raw, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifah, Juicy J, and many more. These Rob Van Dam 420 papers are the number 1 papers I have ever used; they are king size, they burn slow, they make smoking smoother, and they don’t run. These are the BEST papers EVER! These papers are truly the whole FN show!”


Nobody knows CBD Flower like Rob Van Dam, MR. 420 himself. RVDCBD Flowers are nothing but Full-Spectrum raw goodness and contain the legal limit of .3% THC. If you’re looking for something stronger, check out RVD’s THC line available in Oklahoma and soon online, it will knock your socks off and blow your mind. 

If you’re looking for the “whole f-ing” show of cannabidiol compounds, then RVDCBD Flower is for you. RVD’s Raw Flower line contains strains from Remedy, Sour Space Candy, Spectrum, Purple Sunset, and White CBG flowers. Try one, mix a few, or grab the Five Star Bundle and sample them all, but don’t forget RVD Rolling Papers. These natural, unbleached rolling papers are chemical-free, come from natural leaves, burn longer, and taste the best. Take it from Mr. 420, the 30 plus year CBD purveyor who tests and approves everything—this stuff will smoke you’re a–! 

RVDCBD Concentrates


“Tastes [f-ing] amazing; I figured a guy like RVD would know a good product to put his name on. Thanks I love taking a dab of this right before my session.”

Timothy M.

Looking for Dabs? Check out RVD’s high-potency smokable wax flavors—Cherry Pie or Ekto Kooler CBG. Full-Spectrum CBD and CBG distillates, the dabs with an explosion of flavor that should be illegal but remain under the legal limit of .3% THC. Smoke your pain away with Ekto Kooler’s indica or Cherry Pie’s hybrid strains. Dab alone, mix with flower, or any other product. With the RVD guarantee, you will be coming back for more. 

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