CBD—Top 5 Cannabinoids & What They Do


There are between 80-100 different cannabinoids in cannabis, and each one has a unique effect. In today’s article, we will be discussing 5 different cannabinoids and how they can help you with your everyday care. Learn more about CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta-8, and Delta-9, what symptoms they get rid of, and the best way to take CBD for specific better symptom relief.

Symptoms Relieved by Cannabinoids

CBDSleepAnxiety/ DepressionInflammation
THC (Delta-9)

Any full-spectrum cannabinoid will help with most if not all symptoms because you have the “entourage effect,” or all the cannabinoids in one bundle. RVDCBD products have two types, full-spectrum flower, and zero THC products (Gummies, Tinctures, and Topicals). RVDCBD’s Broad-spectrum, zero-THC products contain all the cannabinoids except for THC. RVD removed the THC specifically with you in mind—our soldiers, our fans, moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, and anyone who cannot or does not want to have THC. If you have any of the mentioned symptoms, give CBD a try. Better yet, subscribe to RVD Nation (our newsletter) and get 20% off your entire first order, plus monthly and bi-monthly promotions, tips on health and wellness, and special RVD memorabilia. 

CBD Cannabinoid

Even though this cannabinoid has the same name as all cannabinoids, it is different than the others. It carries the name because it is the most commonly known, just like we all know hot wheels are kids’ toy cars, but that’s just a name brand for matchbox cars. CBD, aka cannabidiol, is one of the 80-100 known active compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive. That means it does not make you high. However, it does have many of the same properties or benefits THC does, the high-inducing counterpart.

Scientific studies have shown CBD, does not react directly with the brain’s receptors in the endocannabinoid system, but it does on an indirect basis through the nervous system and other pathways. Research has proven, CBD, or cannabidiol, to be a very effective pain killer with super anti-inflammatory properties. In a scientific study, scientists said, “The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response.” Knock out inflammation and you kill the pain. But how do you reduce inflammation? Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, but why choose a drug when you can go organic and natural? 


CBD is not synthetic, and it reduces inflammation and pain. In fact, scientists have labeled CBD, “a killer for inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis.” Plus, CBD does so much more than kill the pain. For more benefits CBD has to offer, click here.

THC Cannabinoid

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the other commonly known cannabinoid. However, THC unlike CBD makes you high. But these psychoactive properties, aren’t all bad. To find out why, read another article titled, Everything You Want & Ought To Know about THC. First, THC, when taken with all the other cannabinoids, acts as a multi-vitamin giving you the entire spectrum of benefits known as the “entourage effect.” Second, THC has been proven to help with many symptoms and illnesses. 


THC Benefits


CBG Cannabinoid

CBG is the next cannabinoid also known as Cannabigerol. Cannabigerol has been called the “Mother of Cannabinoids.” This is simply because as the cannabis plant is growing, CBG is the dominant cannabinoid. CBD and THC stem from CBG as the cannabis plant matures. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid like CBD; however, it most often is found in cannabis plants that have low THC. For more on RVD’s CBG click here

CBG, unlike CBD, reacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, specifically the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. CBG fights inflammation, pain, and nausea. Studies have also shown CBG helps to slow the spread of some cancer cells. CBG also works as a pain killer with a boost, as it reduces inflammation too. Research has shown, CBG can be used to reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and obesity. 

The Cannabinoid, CBN

Cannabinol, or CBN, is another cannabinoid, not to be confused with canna-Bi-Diol (CBD). CBN, or canna-Bi-Nol, develops in mature cannabis plants, those exposed to high concentrations of oxygen. There is not a lot of research specific to the CBN cannabinoid. But, people have reported CBN to help get a better quality of sleep. 


Research that is being done with CBN is steering more toward treatments for glaucoma and other ocular pressure-related disorders. If you or someone you know has glaucoma, talk to your medical professional about a possible CBN treatment. 

Research that is being done with CBN is steering more toward treatments for glaucoma and other ocular pressure-related disorders. If you or someone you know has glaucoma, talk to your medical professional about a possible CBN treatment.


Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, or D8, contains THC. So, Delta-8 has the “full-entourage effect.” Thus you get all the same benefits THC offers, but with less of a high. Because Delta-8 comes from hemp, its potency is much less than that of delta-9 which stems from Marijuana. Also, Delta-8 does not naturally grow in high amounts. The high-inducing hemp-cultivated delta-8 is produced artificially. The difference between the two is mainly legality and the high effects. Delta-8 THC manufactured from hemp (under the farm bill), falls in a loophole of grey legality, meaning it is neither legal nor illegal, and because it has a slight difference in chemical make-up to that of delta-9 aka THC, the high is less.


Cannabis has many cannabinoids. Like terpenes, knowing what the individual cannabinoids can do will help make it easier when choosing a product for your pain, inflammation, sleep difficulties, or whatever your symptoms may be. At RVDCBD we aim to help you make an informed CBD selection and get the most from your CBD. To help you do this, RVDCBD partnered with Dr. Shawn Stasiask, a pain specialist. If you have questions, subscribe (in the footer below) and check your email for our monthly newsletter with tips on reducing pain. Another option is too comment below, so RVDCBD can reply directly. You’ve had RVD’s back and know RVDCBD has yours. If you require even more in-depth assistance and you’re in California, reach out to one of our sellers, A Healthy Solutions, for a free consultation. 

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