CBD Oil, Real Or Hype?

Real or Smoke and Mirrors?

Why is everyone buzzing about CBD? Is CBD Oil real or hype? And why is CBD so important to Rob Van Dam? As many of you know, RVD recently published, Headstrong, a documentary about Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). In this hour-long video, RVD speaks about the brain trauma he sustained throughout his career, and how CBD helped with his symptoms. To understand the excitement CBD is causing in the health and wellness world, it all boils down to your body, specifically your brain. And this is why RVD fully supports cannabis. Let’s talk anatomy—your brain, aka the command center, the factory where all the magic is directed inside your body.

CBD & the Brain

The brain is a complex factory filled with a motherboard, the cloud, servers, RAM, you name it. Your organ and motor functions, memories, and emotions are all sorted, stored, and managed from different areas inside your brain.


Your nervous system acts as the messaging service between the brain and the rest of your body. Through chemicals and electrical impulses, the nervous system not only retrieves the messages or “emails” (so to speak) from the body, but it sends them to the proper areas of the brain, and then sends back the replies. 

The Endocannabinoid System

Now, this is where CBD comes in. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) partners with the nervous system like a contracted service focused on promoting balance. When the nervous system brings back a message to the brain saying something like, “there’s too much inflammation in Rob’s knees,” CBD, a multi-skilled employee hired by the ECS, is sent to either reprogram the message or fill in the gaps where anti-inflammatory chemicals are needed and in short supply. For more information on the ECS, click here.

How CBD Can Help YOU!

For a better picture let’s discuss hypothetical, Joe. Joe Bob is a mechanic. Let’s say he lifted a heavy engine piece and tore a muscle in his back. Joe’s middle-aged body is probably freaking out. His body would send inflammation messages (which are a natural process of your body) used to heal the torn muscle. But because Joe likes to go to the bar every day after work and down a 15-piece hot wing platter, a pretzel with beer cheese, and a few lagers, his body might not be in the healthiest shape. So, he doesn’t have natural homeostasis or balance of chemicals and wellness.


On top of that, he is prone to a bit of arthritis from genetics and repeated hand movements most mechanics are. Why does that matter? Arthritis is an inflammatory disease caused by your own body having too much of the chemical serotonin, which prevents your body from rebuilding bone tissue, and thus common to arthritis you have bone loss and a whole lot of pain.

CBD In Action

What does CBD do in Joe Bob’s case? When his body is telling his brain, “We need more inflammation repair chemicals down here, STAT!” CBD comes in and puts the breaks on the panic. That is if Joe Bob has CBD in his body. If he doesn’t use CBD daily, the fastest way to call CBD to action would be with a smokable. Joe Bob could light up an organic RVDCBD Smokable Sour Space Candy joint. And CBD would Jump to action within minutes. But smoking is not everyone’s jam. And actually, taking CBD Oil daily like a vitamin keeps the “CBD Superhero Team” busy repairing damage 24-7.

CBD’s Playbook

So, when the body panics, CBD comes in and first attaches to the nerve receptors sending and receiving the “email messages” and filters out the panic. Remember CBD’s job is to maintain calm. Then because Joe’s chemical balance is out of whack, CBD jumps in the chemical game and throws on a blue jersey for the anti-inflammatory team opposing the inflammation team in red. Now both teams have the same number of players, and there is a balance between the red jerseys and the blues.

human-body-with-a soccer-field inside-and-red-and-blue-players

Joe’s body has the best chance to heal now because he doesn’t have too much serotonin beaten down on the other body processes, which would have flared up Joe’s arthritis and made his hands worse. Plus,CBD uses its bench players to tag team in the Pain Game. They jump in that mess and calm and balance those messages down too. It’s a win-win, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What Else Does CBD Do?

The brain has three major parts: The Cerebrum (S-air-ree-brum), the Cerebellum (S-air-uh-bell-um), and the Brainstem.

  • The Cerebrum is the top and largest part of the brain. It’s separated into two halves, like the Earth–the right and left hemispheres. The Cerebrum decodes and manages functions like interpreting touch sensations, decoding vision images, and translating sounds; it also helps manage your ability to speak, helps you solve problems, matches emotions to thoughts, stores and explains new concepts, and helps you control those fine motor movements needed for buttoning up your shirt.
  • Your Cerebellum sits under the cerebrum and directs your muscle movements, helps you balance, sit up, stay on your feet, etc.
  • Now, the Brainstem is like the international airport where all foreign flights must land before going on to their destinations. All messages coming from the body must stop here first and be evaluated. After they are redirected to either the Cerebrum or Cerebellum. Once the brain has processed the information, it sends back a reply. That reply must pass through the brainstem and then on through the spinal cord. Also, some automatic body functions that don’t need processing like breathing, digestion, the beating of your heart, swallowing, temperature, sleep cycles, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc, are hardwired and managed here too.

The Frontier Awaits

Scientists don’t know all CBD can do, but with research done to date, we do know CBD has been found specifically in the Cerebrum, and Brainstem. Inside the Cerebrum, scientists have found CBD working with functions from all four compartments inside the cerebrum called lobes: the Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, and Temporal. These four lobes control emotions, concentration, body movement, and memory. In the Brainstem, CBD has been found to assist wake and sleep cycles, digestion, and anti-inflammation. And as research increases, more discoveries are being made. Is CBD Real or Hype? It is most definitely, scientifically proven as real. No other natural occurring compound has as many uses medicinally, and otherwise.

CBD, The New Frontier

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