All You Need to Know About the Hall of Fame

2022 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees
2022 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees – Read On!

Get pumped! It’s WrestleMania 38! Grab your tickets, a camera, and cash, and let’s jump into why you should watch the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. This WWE-sponsored event features the best of the bests, and of course, Rob will be there. Join the festivities as Rob Van Dam celebrates his first anniversary in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (HOF). 

With Covid raging and most venues closed to the public last year, Rob–a fan’s man–missed out on the crowd he loves and lived to perform for. This year the Covid restrictions are lifted. This year’s HOF will be the first time he can attend with a crowd; emotions and excitement are high. Be sure to give him some love!

When and Where is the Hall of Fame Ceremony 2022?

Immediately after the SMACKDOWN Event, the WWE Hall of Fame will commence. If you don’t already have your tickets or Pay-per-view set up, get moving! 

  • Date: April 1, 2022
  • Time: 10:30 PM EST
  • Location: American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX, USA
  • Live Stream on: Peacock

2022 Inductees

This year’s four people earned their slots. Among this shortlist is The Undertaker, the longest-tenured wrestler (which RVD nearly matched) in wrestling history. His impressive 3-decade career has come to an end. But remember, while he may step out of the ring, the squared circle will never leave his heart! RVD-WRESTLE4LIFE!

Individual 2022 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees
  • The Undertaker
  • Queen Sharmell
  • Steiner Brothers tag team
  • Vader, RIP! posthumous inductee
  • Shad Gaspard RIP! posthumous Warrior Award

What Does it Take to Earn a Spot in the HOF?

According to fans, the list of requirements revolves around who made the biggest impact, won the most titles, or worked the hardest, but the reality is there may be a bit of favoritism. And that’s why it’s significant that Rob Van Dam earned/won his spot. Rob Van Dam never follows protocol, the prescribed path, or schmoozes his way into anything. RVD always does things his way, in his time, and with his own style. 


Why did he earn his spot? Rob Van Dam arguably made the ECW what it was. He introduced high-flying stunts and theatrics to wrestling today. There’s no denying he earned his spot. But why did it take so long?

Perhaps his arrest for Marijuana possession (long live Mr. 420) when he lost his two titles left a sour taste and a grudge in the boss’s minds? Either way, it doesn’t matter, “The whole F-ing Show” is in the hall of fame.

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