Since 2019, RVDCBD has been supplying CBD products curated by founder Rob Van Dam.

Meet Rob Van Dam RVDCBD Founder

Rob Van Dam is an ECW 2021 Hall of Fame Wrestler. He started with humble roots in Michigan and quickly rose to the professional wrestler we all know him as with his high-flying acrobats and kickboxing out-of-the-ordinary style. Rob, aka “The Whole Fucking Show,” Mr. Monday Night, and Mr. 420, has claimed an endless number of championship titles spanning:


“You know, some people take peace of mind, and confuse it with a lack of passion.”

~ Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is a CBD Authority

Van Dam has been an open advocate for the medicinal uses of the cannabis plant throughout his career. He incorporated hints of 4/20 and cannabis culture into his wrestling persona. He used slogans like “RVD 420” (which “means I just smoked your ass”) and displayed his passion for the plant’s several medicinal uses in countless interviews. Some fans, however, confused his relaxed persona in confrontations as a lack of passion. Van Dam’s advocacy for cannabis-based medicines and culture, however, cannot be confused. He has always been and always will be a promoter of CBD.

Young Rob

People know Rob for his professional wrestling and charismatic, laidback personality in and out of the squared circle. What they might not know, is the side of Rob dedicated to health and wellness. Even back in high school this concern for unhealthy habits guided his life. He joined the wrestling team with hopes to train his way to the pros. However, the coach wanted him to lose thirty pounds to fit into a weight class. Rob said, “I weighed 165 pounds. The coach told me to lose 30 pounds. I wanted to be 235 pounds. I wanted to reach my full potential and not stunt my growth during the years I was still growing.”  

Owner and founder of RVDCBD staring at the camera intensely.
n.d. Rob Van Dam via wrestletalk.com

A Fan’s Man

“On a physical level, the number one thing it’s done is prevent stress. By using cannabis, I’ve [avoided becoming] a victim to [damaging effects of] stress. Because of that, I feel I’m at my best.” The professional business of sports is stressful, and Rob always wanted to be at his best for his fans. “When I show up, there are fans who bought tickets to see me months ago…I [always] wanted to give them the RVD they expected to see.” It wasn’t just the stress that took its toll on Rob, though. The three-decades of being one of professional wrestling’s most acrobatic, high-flying performers came with several injuries and lasting ailments.

“As a professional wrestler, I’ve had over 500 concussions. None of us understood the concussion damage until we got educated on it.” Headstrong, a 2019 documentary about Van Dam’s stand-up comedy, showcased Rob’s struggles with lasting concussion conditions (particularly during 2016 and 2017). The medical issues interrupting his standup comedy raised concerns. He may have acquired Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  Encephalopathy (CTE). 


Highflying RVD Dominating the Wrestling Scene!

The Why Behind RVDCBD

Towards the latter half of Rob Van Dam’s career in wrestling, he was prescribed opiates to deal with the pain. He lived from pill to topical so he could perform. Rob never liked using pills. He wanted something nontoxic and healing, not just a band-aid. However, CBD was outlawed. Rob said, “I wanted to look into CBD products, and in particular something for the brain. Although I don’t have CTE, I’m tired of my friends killing themselves [with] depression … from acquiring several concussions. … I wanted to do something that would help all of us.” 

After the 2018 Farm Bill, Van Dam decided to combine his interest in combating concussion damage, chronic ailments, and stress and anxiety with the plant that saved his own life. By producing RVDCBD with a team of partners, Van Dam could directly supply a potential remedy to not only wrestling superstars and alumni but also to the dedicated fans themselves.       

And Just Like That, RVDCBD Became Official

Once he made the decision to move forward, it became all about Rob Van Dam and RVDCBD. Rob brought his A-game with one goal in mind; to make and distribute the highest quality CBD products. A line of CBD for all, including one strong enough for him.  And if he doesn’t put it in his body, he won’t ask you to put it in yours!


RVDCBD knocks out Rob’s pain and it can knock out yours too. But don’t take our word for it, give it try!