During his nearly three decades in the squared circle, Rob Van Dam set himself apart for being an equal parts charismatic personality and one of the highest flying wrestlers in all of the promotions he’s wrestled for. Starting from humble roots in local house shows in Michigan, Van Dam’s illustrious career as “The Whole Fucking Show” has resulted in an endless number of championships across Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Total Nonstop Action (TNA), and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

And throughout the course of much of his career, Van Dam has been an open advocate for community and the medicinal uses of the cannabis plant. Whether incorporating hints of 4/20 and cannabis culture into his wrestling persona with slogans such as “RVD 420” which translates to “means I just smoked your ass” or displaying the passion for the plant’s several medicinal uses across countless interviews, Van Dam’s passion for cannabis-based medicines and culture has always been apparent. 

“On a physical level, the number one thing it’s done is prevent stress. By using cannabis, I’ve allowed to not fall victim to stress. Because of that, I feel I’m at my best when I can get my head to where I’m doing the best and that’s regardless of time zone or town I’m traveling to…”

“When I show up, there are fans who bought tickets to see me months ago and I wanted to give them the RVD they expected to see.”

Rob Van Dam (RVD)

Although not too surprisingly, a three-decade and counting career of being one of professional wrestling’s most acrobatic, high-flying performers hasn’t come without several injuries and lasting ailments. 

“As a professional wrestler, I’ve had over 500 concussions. None of us understood the concussion damage until we got educated on it.” Van Dam informed.

Van Dam’s struggles with lasting concussion conditions particularly during 2016 and 2017 was greatly documented in Headstrong, a 2019 documentary that details the story of Van Dam’s foray into stand-up comedy which is interrupted by medical issues and concerns that he may have acquired Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the same condition that several other athletes across professional sports are struggling with upon retirement from physically intensive sports.  

“Headstrong is very relative to the reason why I wanted to look into CBD products and in particular, something for the brain. Although I don’t have CTE, I’m tired of my friends killing themselves over depression they got from acquiring several concussions so I wanted to do something that would help all of us.”

And as cannabis-based medicine is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted every year, Van Dam realized that now is the time to combine his interest in combating concussion damage and chronic ailments that affect so many with his interest in cannabinoids. By producing the medicine with a team of partners, Van Dam could directly supply a potential remedy to not only wrestling superstars and alumni but also to the dedicated fans themselves.       

And just like that, RVDCBD was created.

From that moment forward, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and got to work with the singular goal: To make and distribute the highest quality CBD products, that are both strong enough and effective enough – even for RVD.

And we’ve continued on with that as our mantra, we’ve been making friends and growing the R-V-D fan base to this very day…