3 Reasons You Should Try RVD’s Yin-Yang Bundle


There are millions of CBD tinctures and topical creams on the market, so why choose RVD’s? It’s simple, they work. Also, you can get them in a bundle and save—RVDCBD’s Yin-Yang Bundle. In the bundle you will find, RVDCBD muscle plus joint relief cream and tinctures, which have been tested and approved by RVD, Diamond Dallas, Dr. Shawn Stipich, and many Americans like you. Learn three reasons RVDCBD’s Topical Cream and Tinctures stand above the rest, and why buying the bundle will do more than just save your money.

RVDCBD Ying Yang Reviews

If you’re like most Americans, you work hard. And sometimes your job takes a toll on you physically and or mentally. Extreme wrestling in the ECW and high-flying drops in and out of the mat took a toll on Rob’s body. Plus, when the promotion went bankrupt and suddenly shut down, it was a mental blow. But 2 things kept RVD going through it all, cannabis and his Yin Yang mentality

Yin and Yang are part of ancient Asian philosophy. You might recognize the Yin-Yang symbol as soon as you see it. Yin and Yang teach that opposites can be complementary; they are interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. Viewing the world through Yin-Yang has helped Rob find peace and adjust to find balance when life is tough. This is why RVDCBD named the CBD Tincture and CBD Topical pack the Yin-Yang Bundle. With the topical, you can knock out immediate pain and inflammation, while the tincture helps your body’s ability to achieve balance in all systems. So, you will feel relief from your pain and anxiety, get better sleep, and enjoy better health.

Don’t Take Our Word for it; See What Others Are Saying.

Yin-Yang, A CBD Proven Pain Killer

Not all tinctures have the same potency and or concentration, so it’s important to read labels. Since Rob has been beating his body up in the ring for over 30 years and still going strong, you can guarantee RVDCBD is potent. But not everyone needs ultra-strength. That’s why RVDCBD offers three potencies, 750mg1500mg, and 3000mg. Keep in mind, people who suffer from chronic conditions, however, will not find relief from tinctures or topicals with any concentration or potency less than 1000mg. 

Scientists suggest inflammation may just be the root of most chronic illnesses. But why? Your body’s natural protection is inflammation. Inflammation protects you from infection, but when it gets out of control, it becomes a disease.

Anything not in moderation becomes a vice. The great news is CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation within the healthy range. CBD brings you into balance, homeostasis. Plus, less inflammation means less pain. 

Pain Management Near Me—A Click of A Button!

If you’re looking to manage pain, talk to your pain management physicians or healthcare providers about CBD. Finding pain relief is as close as a click of a button—Yin-Yang Bundle. You don’t need to drive miles to find relief, you just have to order it today. Why wait? Research has shown CBD can alleviate pain. 

“Since the early 2000s, clinical trials involving CBD for the treatment of chronic pain have shown effects ranging from placebo-equivalent to highly effective; many of these studies have been well-designed randomized, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled.” What does this mean? Scientists tested CBD from every angle trying to prove it a failure, but it still succeeded. CBD works, so buy some now, and find out for yourself, or share the good news with a friend or loved one. And even better sign up for our newsletter and save money too.

Yin-Yang—Pain Management Physicians

The RVDCBD pain management team consists of 2 doctors and 2 special ingredients. Spine and Injury Associates owner Dr. Junaid Khan and his associate, Dr. Stipich. As partners, they bring you, our readers, the best information on pain management, and their patients in Texas and Florida, RVDCBD as a part of their treatment. But, these 2 doctors also use our Yin-Yang Bundle for themselves. That’s why they wanted to partner with us. It all boils down to our 2 special ingredients—CBD and Menthol. They put RVDCBD tinctures and topicals to the test and RVD’s all-natural products won them over. 


What you put into your body matters. Reach for clean, for the ancient green, cannabis combo, RVDCBD’s Yin-Yang bundle. And if you’re looking to save your own hard-earned green, subscribe and get 20% 0ff your first order. 


Rob’s mantra is, “You’re only at your best when your mind, body, and spirit are in balance,” and this is at the heart of the Yin-Yang bundle.

So, if you’re looking for an organic, safe product with the power to combat chronic ailments, pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, obesity, sleep deprivation, and more, then you need to try RVDCBD’s Yin-Yang bundle today.

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